NYC (and Doppler advice please!)

I’m in New York City for a college friend’s wedding. It’s going to be a drunken affair and it should be interesting to be the only sober person for miles. I’ll probably be the only sober person all weekend. And I’m going to have to tell everyone that I’m pregnant, otherwise they’ll never let me keep my ordering sparkling waters. I’m actually quite excited to tell everyone, even though it’s still early. I am okay telling them all about it if I lose this pregnancy so there is no reason not to spill the beans.

{Also, can I just say that saying good bye to your almost three year old when you’re a hormonal pregnant mess is NOT fun. At all. I cried three separate times during an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the plane yesterday so yeah, leaving Isa earlier that morning was some ROUGH STUFF.

Other rough stuff? Shoving progesterone up your hoo ha in an airport stall and then negotiating two big bags and an oversized winter coat out of said airport stall without having washed your hands. Yeah. That happened. And I just share it here.}

On the pregnancy front, my morning sickness seems to be waning some. I still throw up bile every morning which is doing a number on my poor throat, but the general queasiness seems to be lessening. I still don’t want to eat anything and I still make myself eat to keep the nausea at bay but the whole thing just seems… Less.

What seems more right now is my belly. I swear it’s starting to pop a little, which is almost alarming at only 9 weeks. I had heard it happens earlier the second time around and that by 12 weeks I can expect to be showing. I guess this timeline makes sense. It’s still surprising though…in the most amazing of ways. I am still so in shock this is happening and so thrilled that this is my life.

What I’m not thrilled about is the allergies and the inability to take anything for them. But that is complaining and I refused to that right now. 😉

Today I’m in my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn, parked on the couch. I’ll probably venture out for food (my favorite around here is a Jamaican meat patty with a coconut bun–I can’t wait!) and to take some pictures at the park or the botanical gardens. Maybe I’ll even do some window shopping in Park Slope. Tonight another friend comes in to town and a few of us ladies are meeting for dinner. Tomorrow the whole college crew comes in and we’re planning a big night out on the town. I have to admit, I miss my college friends and can’t wait to hang out with them all. Being the one sober person will be interesting but it’s definitely for a good cause. The best actually.

For my last point I need your advice. I’m thinking of getting a really good Doppler to get me through the month long stints between ultrasounds. I know they can be troublesome because sometimes you can’t find a heartbeat and that would obviously cause freak outs. But honestly, I think right now having one would help ease my anxiety so I can stop plotting how I’ll trick Kaiser into letting me get another ultrasound.

The 3mhz Sonoline B seems to get good reviews. Most people say they found a heartbeat with it between 8 and 10 weeks! I know I could also rent a professional grade Doppler but I can’t seem to determine which would be worth the money or if it’s really worth it to spend the monthly cash (and effort to send it back and all that) when a $60 Doppler seems to get such good reviews. I was hoping my wise readers could give me some advice on this. I’m open to all opinions–buying, renting, not getting one at all. Convince me either way! And specific recommendations are very welcome.

While I wait for your advice I’ll just hang out with this super cute mews. Life doesn’t get much better than this.



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  1. I bought a Sonoline B during my second pregnancy. I never got to break it out and try it because I was waiting until 12 weeks. I might try earlier this time but I don’t want to freak myself out. My SIL has one and found the heartbeat at 9 weeks. It’s definitely the best for the money you spend.

  2. Hi! Both times I rented from Baby Beats and the Doppler is awesome and the company is awesome. I forgot to send mine back this time for a few months after the birth, and with B, I had gone into the hospital for six weeks prior, and the 7 week NICU stay, and didn’t send it back until after that, and both times they didn’t charge me for the extra time! I heard the heartbeat really early and it was a real quality machine.

    I love seeing your happiness.

  3. Sonoline B worked great for me. I sent it to Belle of Scrambled Eggs or I would totally send it along to you now! I think I first found the heartbeat around eight or nine weeks, and only paid around $50 for it on ebay…which was absolutely worth the money to save my sanity a couple times a day between ultrasounds and before I could feel regular movements. For some reason I don’t think there were many on Amazon at the time, not sure if that’s changed, but ebay had tons of them. Also – don’t spend extra for the special doppler gel – regular aloe vera gel works perfectly well. Hope you have an awesome time and easy travels home when it’s time to go back!

  4. Cute cat – looks like my Lily!

    I never got a doppler because I think they just cause stress. B and I very easily agreed that it would cause a ton of stress if I couldn’t find a heartbeat even just once, so decided it was not for us. Had we gotten one, we were going to rent the super good ones – just to be sure!

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