The Luckiest

During the second half of the week I drive a 7th grade girl to school and back (her parents are divorced and I drive her when she’s at her mom’s house). This is a great way to earn some extra cash doing the drive I already have to make, but it can be a frustrating commitment when Isa is sick or Mi.Vida is out of town, or there is some other reason I need to stay home, or drop Isa at school and then hurry to work (I have a special schedule where I can bring her to school and just make it in time for my 1st class, which doesn’t start until 2nd period).

This week Mi.Vida is at SXSW and he arranged for his parents to come to our house at 7am, when I need to pick up my 7th grader, and get Isa ready for school on both Thursday and Friday. They also offered to pick her up yesterday so I’d have a break one afternoon this week.

If that weren’t amazing enough, they must have come back to my house yesterday, after dropping Isa off at school, and CLEANED THE WHOLE THING. My house had truly fallen into a pit of disrepair, what with me combatting horrible morning sickness right as Mi.Vida ended his 10 day battle with the black-death. Between the two maladies, one of us has been laid up for over a month and the chores were being terribly neglected. The result was pretty horrifying.

So yesterday my mother-in-law–who I’m pretty sure took the day off of work to do all of this–came back to my house and spent what must have been hours picking it up and then cleaning it. When I got home I was little speechless it looked so amazing. I was totally blown away.

I know I’ve vented about my ILs here before but honestly, in almost every way, I’ve hit seriously in-law gold. They are truly nice people who offer a constant, and selfless, presence in our lives. My ILs take Isa almost once a week for a couple hours to give us time to catch up on chores or just be together. They step up when we need support, like taking Isa to school twice this week, and step back when we need space. They get Isa all sorts of amazing toys and clothes. They are seriously almost the perfect grandparents.

I really couldn’t ask for more.

And then my parents are equally amazing, although they live farther away so they aren’t around as much as my in-laws are. Still, they frequently take Isa for entire weekends so we can go away or just reconnect. Isa adores being at the house and can happily spend one or two nights there without us needing to worry one bit. My father makes her homemade “Papa bars” (these oat bars made with bananas and dates that Isa just loves) and “juicy bars” (he pushes fresh fruit through a sieve and freezes it with a touch of honey) both of which are her favorite treats (and are totally healthy)! My mom buys us all our favorites (Japanese sweet potatoes are the best!) at the market every weekend and delivers them to me at school, along with leftovers of yummy meals they made that we might enjoy.

The fact that we have both sets of grandparents near by, and willing and able to be such huge parts of our daughter’s life (and our lives) and do so in a respectful and supportive way is just so amazing. I am constantly in awe that we ended up with such incredibly familial support. It really doesn’t seem fair.

So today I count my blessings, and right up there with my wonderful daughter, who melts my heart with every “beso y abrazo” (kiss and hug), my amazing partner, who I love more than words can say, and this surprise life inside of me, are both sets of parents, who constantly blow me away with their considerate support. I truly am the luckiest.

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  1. You ate very lucky! We have no family near us which is sad as those are the things I crave at times! But such is life 🙂 I’m happy you’re happy – well despite the frequent chuck fest!

  2. Yes, extended family (when they are helpful and loving) is one of the biggest blessings in life! So glad you have that on both sides!

  3. You are super lucky! We have none of this from either family, and I can say that you definitely hit the jackpot! My parents are very self centered (don’t even play with our kids when they do see them) and Bs mother is too busy being judgmental to enjoy her family. You both are very lucky to have married into families who respect and support one another!

  4. You are super lucky. My family is helpful, but as my parents are older, they aren’t as available as yours. My IL’s live out of town and we are currently not being spoken to my my MIL. My FIL and his wife are wonderful people, but again being out of town, we just don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. Can I borrow yours once every few months? My house too has fallen into something out of hoarders with my being sick and my husband, well, he’s just not that into keeping things clean/neat. You are definitely one lucky lady!

  5. Wow, I need someone to clean my house too and I have none of the excuses you have! Though I have to say, my in-laws would be the last people I’d want to do it.

    Yes, you are lucky, but so are your in-laws, to be able to play such an important role in your lives, and to have such a close relationship with their granddaughter. Sounds like a win-win situation all round.

  6. Wow! I am so glad to know that you, Mi.Vida, Isa and baby have such a strong support network in your immediate family. I know everyone doesn’t get a long so well or receive so much help from in-laws. I appreciate that you appreciate yours.

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