Taking a Break

I’ll probably be taking a bit of a break in the next few days because I’m feeling really sick and it’s hard to do much of anything, let alone type. I am so thankful for the assurance that being sick gives me but I will admit, it’s hard to teach when one feels like yakking all the time. It’s also hard to do pretty much anything else.

So I’ll probably be laying low for a while, until I feel a bit better.

In the meantime I want to turn your attention to this very important and worthy cause. Pamela, over at Silent Sorority, is helping a documentarian rally support for a movie about infertility. This community is always lamenting that fact that no one wants to talk about infertility, so projects like this are very important. I believe we really do need to step up in these situations and do what we can to show the world that this topic is important and that there are people who want to see it portrayed HONESTLY and thoughtfully. I can’t really do this amazing project justice so I’ll just send you to her post. Hopefully you can help too!


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