Perfect Moment Mondays: Humbled

I love Lori’s Perfect Moment Mondays but I don’t participate as much as I should. Especially when I was battling depression last year I found it almost impossible to highlight even one moment that felt perfect. You see, “Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.” When I realize how many months I couldn’t bring myself to do that I am ashamed. Today, I will definitely be participating.

When I first saw Lori’s post go up last night I figured my Perfect Moment Monday was going to be seeing those two pink lines last Friday. But then my announcement went up and the comments came in. And came in. And kept coming in. Every time I checked my email there were two or three more comments (I check my email pretty obsessively). As I type this there are FIFTY comments of congratulations on my post. I also received quite a few heartfelt emails of congratulations.

To say this response has been overwhelming is an understatement. I am completely blown away. Since Friday I have felt I’ve been living in a dream. I’ve kept the FRER above the toilet to remind me that it’s real. But after today I’m even less sure I’m currently rooted in reality. I just cannot fathom how I am this lucky, this fortunate, this blessed.

Today, in the car, I started sobbing with the enormity of it. I am loved and cared for by so many people. All of these incredible women took time today to congratulate me on my first steps toward my dream. Their happiness for me was palpable; I could feel it through the screen. This child is already so incredibly loved, not only be me but by literally dozens of women I consider friends.

Not being able to tell people IRL about this pregnancy is torture for me; I don’t do secrets well. Being able to share this with all of you, celebrating with you, makes such an incredible difference. I always knew this community meant a lot to me but right now it feels like my whole world.

So thank you, all of you, who came to visit, who reveled with me in my unbelievable news. Thank you for making me feel like the most fortunate woman in the world. Thank you for assuring me that no matter what happens with this pregnancy, it was absolutely a blessing, an incredible gift I will cherish always with fondness and a happy heart. Thank you for taking what was already the most incredible, unbelievable treasure ever given to me and making it even more meaningful, more wonderful. I thought that was impossible but you all proved me wrong.

I am truly humbled, now and always, by all of you.

With deep gratitude, I thank you.

8 responses

  1. How truly exciting is an understatement! Your pure joy is emanating off of the page and jumping through the screen. Life is so precious! I am so happy for you and for the love you feel!

  2. Yes! In addition to the excitement of this amazing miracle, I am so happy you are seeing how truly loved you are. You deserve nothing but to be surrounded by encouragement and congratulations. I’m still giddy every time I think about your news!

  3. I echo everyone else’s sentiments and though I don’t love the idea that we do or don’t “deserve” things in life, you sooooooo deserve this my dear! As Lori said, it is an honor and my pleasure to be walking with you (or in this case jumping for joy) on this journey. Thank you for always sharing so candidly about what you are thinking and feeling, whether it is dealing with depression, secondary infertility or the excitement and love that you are experiencing right now. xoxo

  4. You are soooooo welcome! This is such a lovely response. I am also thinking that it sounds fueled by a perfectly balanced cocktail of early pregnancy hormones! I hope these feelings will be well remembered in order to carry you through any stressful times ahead (I wish there would be none, but I guess that is the realist in me!).

  5. What a beautiful post. So glad to be a witness of your journey. It is so hard for me to keep secrets, too. My husband and I plan to keep it secret (once we get pregnant) for at least twelve weeks, but I have no idea how I’ll do it!

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