I had a supplements page on my sidebar for a while but I’m trying to clean things up so I’m putting this up as a post and linking to it on my TCM approach to TTC page. I know most of this stuff doesn’t pertain to my readers but I want to create some resources for people who are looking to go this route, at least for a little while. If you’re not interest, please just disregard these posts.

{DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. It was my choice to take (or consider taking) all the supplements listed on this page but I do NOT recommend anyone else take them to combat their infertility. ALWAYS consult a doctor before starting a new supplement.}

One thing I’m very interested in with TTC is supplements. I really believe in the power of vitamins and other herbs to help keep the body balanced. I decided to create page where I chronicle the supplements I’m taking and why I’m taking them. Hopefully they can be helpful to others who are TTC themselves.

for women


150-350mg total – once daily with food (100-300mg alone taken with a Complex B Vitamin that contains 50mg)

Why: B6 is reported to lengthen one’s luteal phase. My luteal phase was always 10-11 days. The first time I took 150mg of B6 it was 14 days long! B-6 also helps your body create more quality CM.

Complex B Vitamin

One vitamin, once daily with food

Why: It’s supposed to aid in the absorption of B6.

Vitamin D

1000mg once daily with food

Why: It’s a good idea to take vitamin D daily even if you’re not TTC. It helps with general health and can keep away depression!

Folic Acid

400mg once daily with food

Why: Anyone who is TTC knows how important Folic Acid is to a healthy pregnancy. Another plus?! I heard B6 helps the body absorb Folic Acid!

Prenatal Vitamin

Once or twice daily (depends on the vitamin)

Why: One good way to get your Folic Acid is from a prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins are also great because they include all the other important vitamins you might not be getting otherwise.

Omega-3 / DHA

320mg once daily with food

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for overall health and vitality even if you’re not TTC and DHA is important for pregnant women as well.


3 drops in water 3-4 x day

Why: Zeolite helps break down and dispose of heavy metal toxins in the body.


100mg once daily with food

Why: CoQ10 boosts cellular energy production and the more energy your body has at its disposal, the more energy is can focus on the reproductive system.


Why: Proflavanol is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can help the body heal from chronic inflammation caused by food sensitivities and other environmental toxins.


500mg once daily with food

Why: Helps balance chemicals in the body and can possibly help with conditions such as depression and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Primrose Oil

1 capsule, once daily with other vitamins (only during FP – before ovulation)

Why: Primrose Oil is reported to help the body produce more high quality CM.


I take 1 teaspoon of a liquid solution (diluted in water) 2-3 times a day.

Vitex (or Chasteberry) helps regulate the hormones involved in the menstrual cycle. It can be especially helpful for women with irregular cycles.

Royal Jelly

1 teaspoon raw, once daily

Why: Royal Jelly is jammed packed with a ton of nutrients and for a girl who doesn’t always get her 5 servings of fruits and veggies, I think it’s worth including.


serving size depends on the kind you buy – should be taken on an empty stomach

Why: Probiotics help the body’s intestinal bacterias stay balance, and keeps you regular!


Why: All these vitamins stop a girl up. When that girl has hemorrhoids she needs extra help.

L-arginine and DHEA

I read a lot about L-arginine and DHEA being powerful weapons against diminished ovarian reserve but I could never figure out if they were helpful mostly before medicated cycles (to increase the number of eggs retrieved) or if they were also helpful when trying without assistance. Because they are growth hormones (from what I understand) I did not feel comfortable taking them without speaking with my doctor and have not yet done so.

For Men

Men’s Multi-Vitamin

This is a great way to make sure he’s getting all the basic vitamins he needs.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are especially important for men as they positively affect sperm health.


L-Carnitine is an amino-acid involved in energy production at the cellular level and positively effects sperm cells.


See above.

Fertility Blend for Men

I have Mi.Vida take this because it has been proven to improve pregnancy rates. I figure, worst case scenario, I’m wasting a little money, best case scenario it’s actually helping our chances.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about adding B6 to my supplement list. Hearing that it worked to lengthen your luteal phase may prompt me to start next cycle. I’m hoping to have the DHEA talk with my RE this week. I’m not sure that he’ll be in favor of it, but hopefully, he’ll at least be willing to test my levels when he runs the other CD3 tests so I can see if I’m deficient.

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