How Hard Can It Be?

“Just a gentle reminder to make your appointment today. Love you.”

I’ve been sending Mi.Vida that text for FOUR DAYS.

I think you can probably guess whether or not he has a urology appointment scheduled yet.

I get that he’s busy. I get that this is not high on his priority list. I get that scheduling an appointment during which his wang will be closely scrutinized is not appealing.

I get all this.

But come-the-fuck-on. Just make the appointment already! How hard can it be?!

We got his results back two days after Christmas. His doctor was on vacation until a week after New Years. I asked him to request the referral from another doctor at the practice. He did not.

Once the doctor was back it took another week for his insurance to process the request for the referral.

And now it will have been over a week (he was informed the referral had one through last Thursday) before he makes the appointment. I just want to move forward on this shit. Who knows how long he’ll have to wait for the next available opening!

If you hear a distant thud, akin to a canon being fired, at closing of business tomorrow, don’t fret, it will just be the sound of my head exploding when I find out Mi.Vida failed to make his appointment for a fifth day in a row.

And gawd help us all if he does.

10 responses

  1. my husband was supposed to get a blood test done to determine if he was the cause of the losses. After the lab sheet sitting there for two MONTHS, I did the following: Found all the labs close to his office and sent them to him to pick the closest one. Then made an account at the lab’s website in his name and scheduled him an appointment during his lunch hour. Because he never would have freaking done it on his own.

    I swear to god men are hopeless in this way.

  2. It’s really effing hard – because they’re men and they don’t like facing and doing these things. Pisses me off! I scheduled every single SA, reminded him of them, and had to assist in order for them to get done. I’m still a LITTLE bitter about that. There are just certain things that they will not do, and making doctor appointments and getting their junk looked at are two of those things.

    Irritating. I would kill him too if it’s not scheduled by today. Just saying…

  3. I also schedule my husband’s dr spots sometimes.

    Men are less likely to seek medical help than women, and there’s statistical evidence that this might be why they don’t live as long as women.

    Argh. That’s frustrating. Sorry.

    Maybe it’s also awkward for him to schedule the call in his office?

  4. Just echoing what the others say – can you make the appt for him? My husband won’t even call the dentist himself, I can’t imagine him scheduling something like this! I have also noticed that whenever I call a doctor or dentist’s office and say “I’d like to schedule an appointment for my husband”, they never flinch. Unlike, say, the cable company, which insists that they hear from him personally.

    At the very least, if you offer to schedule it for him, you may get some response from him as to why he hasn’t done it yet.

  5. Men are frustrating that way. I reminded Hubby to take his supplements every day (to hopefully help his morphology – he had great count and motility, but morphology was total crap), and he took it maybe once a week…when he was supposed to take it twice a day regularly for three months. GRRRRRR.
    It was extremely frustrating to me, because I’d gone through surgeries, was charting, was being regularly invaded by Wanda, was dealing with the daily/monthly drain of TTC and all that entails, and all he had to do was take some pills.

  6. One word – male. It took Chippie three months to make his appointment after a full melt down from me. I don’t know why they do it. Head in the sand coping technique me thinks.

  7. I hate how hard it is to say, “this is your part, you do it” and then let it go without nagging. I am awful at it but I’m still trying not to nag. That said, I am going to go nuts if the spouse doesn’t just make the fraking follow-up appointment needed soon. It shouldn’t be my thing, and I should let the spouse handle things without me “helping” and “care-taking” (see that taking part? That’s me taking over and not letting the spouse be the boss of stuff that isn’t my business). Good luck. I hope Mi.Vida comes around sooner than later.

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