Isa’s Morning Routine Chart

When we kevetched to my SIL about Isa’s challenging morning shenanigans she (this is the aunt with the Masters in Early Childhood Development) suggested we make her a velcro chart with her morning routine, complete with pictures of Isa doing each thing. So I did! I decided what seven steps we wanted to highlight (SIL suggested seven was the limit). Then I spent a few mornings trying to get photos of Isa doing each of those seven things.

This was harder than I anticipated.

Eventually I got all the pictures and I created little cards in Word. Here are the cards:

0 good morning Isa 1 change diaper 2 pick out clothes 3 getting dressed 4 eat breakfast 5 comb hair 6 brush teeth 7 put on shoesI printed the cards on our shitty printer and then took them to Kinkos to be laminated. I also bought a piece of poster board and cut it into two strips for the background. I got that laminated too. Finally I bought adhesive velcro.

This was the final product.


{Sorry it’s blurry, my iPhone is on its last legs but I’m too broke to buy a new one.}

I decided that I would create two different sets of cards, one for Isa’s room (the first four  which includes the Good Morning Isa card which won’t be moved) and one for the living room or hall. This makes sense because the first three things she does (diaper change/pick clothes/get dressed) happen in her room and the other four (eat breakfast/comb hair/brush teeth/put on shoes) happen in the rest of the house.

Finally I put one set up in her room…


… and one in the hall where she ends her morning routine.


We played around with them some this weekend and she definitely loves that she’s in the pictures and is interested in taking them off the wall. We’ll see if they actually help her to do the things she needs to do without melting down. I’m hoping between this and choices (i.e. would you like to put on your shoes on the sofa or on the stairs) the mornings will be a lot less stressful for Mi.Vida. At least now I know I tried really hard to make it better.

13 responses

  1. Oh I think this is a fantastic idea… and might benefit grown-up Belle, too! 🙂
    I also seriously love that you let Isa make choices. This is something my parents did not let us do until we were around 10 years old (so not kidding, I remember my mom picking out my clothes as late as 4th grade actually) and I think it has contributed heavily to my brothers and my difficulty to make choices as adults. Hopefully your patience today will pay off in the future when she grows to be a responsible adult capable of both brushing her teeth and getting shoes on before she is late each day!

  2. Oh this is awesome. I’m struggling with this sort of and am cringing when Vivian actually heads off to school. I say thumbs up Momma. Very cool. Let us know how this goes.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. I might have to start thinking about this as Raegan grows up. I think I’m bookmarking this post for future reference.

    PS Isa is freaking adorable…..absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This is great! We might have to try something similar. Mornings are a mess for us. We never get out of the house on time, and W has started really fighting me at every turn. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried in the car on the way to work, just to release the stress created by the morning routine. Thanks for posting pictures of the cards. I would never have thought to include actual photos or to have them laminated. Very smart.

  5. This is brilliant! I’m totally borrowing this idea to help streamline our mornings. Although I’ll probably need two sets, one for the mornings we have outside activities and one for the mornings we homeschool (in our pajamas most days sadly).

  6. Such a great idea- I hope it makes your mornings a little easier. And I know I’ve said it before, but Isa is GORGEOUS! She gets more and more beautiful the older she gets!

  7. She is so cute! Putting that chart together seems like a lot of work, but if it helps her get ready, it’ll be worth it. How does it work, though? Are all the pieces just there for her to look at, or do they get hung up once they’re completed, or what?

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately. I haven’t really felt up to it, but I’ll be back soon. Thanks for all your support.

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