Fun Stuff I CAN Control

So where, you might add, is all my TTC#2 energy going when I’m parked firmly in the jail (do not pass go, do NOT collect $200) for the next who knows how many months? Actually, I have a few projects I’m working on, mostly centered around the house, and I will admit that the prospect of making THINGS BETTER has been nice. I may not have control over my reproductive endeavors but I do have some control over other shit.

Here are just a few things I like to feign having control over. Oh does it ever make me feel good:


We finally got the sound proofing/carpeting done in the back room. It ended up costing WAY MORE than the already absurd amount and it doesn’t seem to have done much in the way of actually soundproofing anything but we trying to console ourselves with the fact that we TRIED TO DO SOMETHING and that now it’s done. (I basically refuse to think about how fucking much it cost us).

All the furniture has been moved back into that room, with a huge space waiting for the most kick ass Christmas present ever: AN ELLIPTICAL TRAINER! This the the one we got. It was our only present to each other.

I’m so freaking excited that we finally got one and I can’t wait for it to get here. It should be shipped tomorrow and come next week. Of course after we learned we live in the only state where you have to pay sales tax (DAMN YOU CALIFORNIA!) we opted out of the “in home delivery” which means we’ll have to get the 200+lb behemoth up the stairs (which turn, mind you) and into the back bedroom. And then we may have to put it together?!?! I’m not freaking out about that too much until it comes.

But seriously, I can’t tell you how STOKED I am that this is coming. We’ve dreamed of one for so many years but we never had nearly enough space. Now, with all the paring down we did before we moved and all the space we gained with the new house (and a distinct lack of room needed for a second child) we have the space now. I know how badly I need some consistent, reliable access to aerobic exercise and Mi.Vida could definitely use the same. This could truly change our lives. I have no worries that we won’t take advantage of it. My big worry is that it will break or something from so much use. 😉

Honestly, with this on it’s way, I’m not nearly as sad that I’m not readying the back room for a new baby.


Who makes a closet with a closet rod?! Evidently whoever lived here before us. Our closets are actually the least exciting part of the new house. The front bedroom (where Isa is now) has a great closet, but it’s full of our stuff because… the back bedroom (where Isa used to be and which will now house the elliptical) has a very narrow closet that doesn’t fit adult sized hangers (WTF?!?!?!) but fits toddler sized ones perfectly. So all of Isa’s shit is the room she no longer inhabits and our extraneous shit is in her current room. Our room is really the living room so we only have an armoir with two half length spaces to hang shirts and such.

All our sweaters and jackets (of which we have MANY because you ALWAYS need a second layer in SF, no matter what the season) are on coat racks that we’ve either bolted to the walls or hung over doors. There are literally racks hanging on every door and each one is over flowing with sweaters and sweatshirts and robes and jackets.

And then we have this pretty decent sized closet in the entryway that has NOTHING in it because it doesn’t have a closet rod (SERIOUSLY, WHY?!?!?!). Finally I’m taking matters into my own hands and putting one up. I got everything I needed yesterday and it goes up first thing this morning (well after I bring Isa to school). As soon as it’s up I can empty the box of hangers (why yes, the only thing in that closet is, ironically, a box of hangers) and hang up all the shit that is taking over house.



We have been living with no heat. This is not a huge deal in San Francisco but it has been, dare I say, noticeably cold. There are mornings when we can see our breaths as we breakfast (yes, I just used that as a verb). Most nights Mi.Vida and I watch TV huddled under several blankets in our robes (which we’re wearing over our sweatshirts). Even our cat has started sitting on our laps for warmth (you KNOW things must be bad if our cat is showing us, and especially me, basic kindness). Some nights it’s gotten down into the very low 40s and we’ve had only our MANY, MANY blankets to keep us warm. I even bought Isa thick toddler bedding in the hopes that she’d stay under it for some of the night.

All this suffering was due to the simple fact that we hadn’t had PG&E out to check the furnace (and that my partner, and his parents, are so bat shit crazy that they (YES THEY) refused to turn it on until that happened. So finally the guy came today and said our furnace was the cleanest he’s seen and I spent the afternoon with all the windows open and the thermostat set to 75*, letting the dust blow out (or burn off) of the ducts.

I hope I remember to put on a sweatshirt before I turn up the heat from now on. But I’m so excited that for times when I sweatshirt isn’t enough, I don’t have to put my robe on over.


So that is what I’ve been up to. I have to admit, it’s nice to be getting things done and feel excited about stuff. I may not be able to get pregnant but soon I’ll be able to work out in the comfort of my own home (a dream come true!), hang my jackets in a closet! and turn the heat on when it’s freezing outside. These are pretty nice things and I don’t take them for granted. I’ll let you know how they all go.

3 responses

  1. Ah, closets. I can relate. Our little house in the US was built in 1950 and had the tiniest closets. My DH uses to joke that it was built by naked hobbits. We couldn’t get our queen-sized box spring up the stairs. OTOH we once rented a 100-year-old cottage that had no closets at all (but did have an enormous kitchen). In contrast, our first apartment, built
    In the ’80s, had enormous dream closets. So interesting.

  2. Oh my goodness, those types of closets were deal-breakers when we were house-hunting! There are lots of charming old houses in our city but the lack of closets (and also the lack of bathrooms) in the preserved 100+ year-old homes made us opt for a rehab.
    I wish you lots of happy miles on your elliptical. Unfortunately ours is rarely used. We had really really high hopes, but I think our joy in finding a “good deal” blinded us to the fact that you get what you pay for, and ours just isn’t as smooth & fun to use as the ones we were used to at the gym.
    I love your fun, do-able projects!
    (oh and btw, yes, you are right about my blog name! You are the first person that has ever asked! One of my fave bands and absolute favorite song ever. Can you believe its 20 years old? I remember listening to it in high school!)

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