I cannot remember a time in my life when I was as sick as I’ve been in the past six weeks. First I had this hacking cough that started six weeks ago and I’m STILL getting over. Then, last week, I got some other horrible cold, this one centered in my sinuses (REALLY?! Two colds at once?!) on top of the hacking cough. Then last night I got the flu. At first I thought it was food poisoning from my favorite Chinese place and I was heartbroken. But then all day I felt very flu-like and I was ready to forgive my Chinese place, at least preliminarily. Then Isa threw up twice tonight at bedtime so now I’m sure we have the flu.

Why is it that Isa and I, the two members of the family who actually GOT the flu shot a month ago, now have the flu and Mi.Vida, who never gets the flu shot, is being spared?

This morning I had to call an emergency sub and get plans ready really fast. Writing last minute sub plans from home is so hard. Writing them for a second day when you haven’t been back to school is even harder.

Luckily the puking part of this flu is not so prolonged. It’s not a really nauseating feeling, it hits more the lower half if your digestive track, if you know what I mean. I actually feel like I’m having the worst cramps of my life. It’s awful down there.

So tomorrow I’m home sick, with a little girl who’s also sick. Again. This is the third time we’ve had to share a sick day. Those are not fun.

Oh, and did I mention that Monday-Tuesday night Isa was up almost the entire time? I was awake with her from midnight to 3:30 and then 4:30 to 6am, at which point we put her in our bed (for the first time ever) where she didn’t sleep a wink for an hour until we got up to get ready. I spent the whole night either up with my upset little girl or puking my guts into the toilet. Not my finest night.

Oh, and to add insult to injury we have to have sex tonight. FML. (And of course I’ll never know when I ovulated because I have a slight fever and my temps are all fucked up).

I just really hope that tomorrow I feel well enough to take care of Isa and that Thursday I can go back to work. Oh and I hope that Mi.Vida doesn’t get this thing because I just can’t spend my first days feeling better doctoring someone else (who has done VERY LITTLE to doctor me).

***UPDATE: Today I feel much better, I think Amy and Kelly (below – thank you for your insights) are right, this isn’t the flu but a norovirus, for which I’m very thankful. Mostly I’m just glad my favorite Chinese food isn’t to blame. If Isa had not been sick I would have been sure it was the Chinese food and I would have been so sad. But my Chinese food has now been vindicated AND I can expect Isa will be feeling better again soon! Woo hoo!

Also, I finally got down some soup and saltines for dinner last night and finally (I was worried I’d throw them up before) took some pain killers for my all-day headache and after they took care of that they quieted the cramping as well and sex wasn’t even that bad and this morning my temp was 98.2 so I think we hit ovulation or at least got close to it, whether it was CD10 or 11 so that is good. I thankful to get this final, 12th cycle behind us so this can all feel more official. I’m a sucker for structure in that way.***

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  1. So sorry you feel so sick! You know, my 2-yo has wreaked havoc on my health and I’ve never been so sick, so often in my life since she went to daycare/preschool. Except maybe the first year I taught. The first winter with Taiga around other kids was reeeally bad, the second winter not as bad but at one point I think we literally got 3 colds and pinkeye in a row, one after the other and some overlap. I’m really hoping this winter will again be at least a little better than the last one.

    Re. the flu – if you are vomiting and you aren’t running a 102+degree fever and are basically unable to function, it’s really not likely you have actual influenza. What you probably have is a norovirus. Which SUCK (see what a connesuier of viruses I have become?) but aren’t what you were vaccinated for. I always hate it too, my husband hardly ever gets sick compared to me and Taiga. I think it’s because she doesn’t smear as many fluids and germs on him or something. Mommies make excellent security blankets. Kleenex, pillows, etc, you know?

  2. How shitty (pun not really intended). Agreed with what Kelly says – there actually is no such thing as a stomach flu (influenza), so the flu shot wouldn’t have helped much there. And this info is probably not helpful at all. Sick is sick, and it sucks! Hope it all passes super quickly, finally!

  3. Glad to read those updates! I hope things continue to get better.

    I was going to say, I am not a big believer in the effectiveness of flu shots. It seems like the people who got the shot, get the flu, and the people who don’t get flu shots are fine. Plus the shot makes you feel sick! But if that’s not what you have, excellent.

  4. If you’ve been coughing for weeks and haven’t had a Tdap shot in the last 5 years, and especially if the cough goes on, you might get checked for whooping cough. We’re in an outbreak all over the country and adults get it and cough for weeks or months before getting a diagnosis (I had 2 friends cough themselves into very bad other infections with it last winter). Not to make you worry (and boo to noroviruses) but to give you an idea if you’re not getting better. 6 weeks is a long time to cough. Glad you’re improving!

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