Focusing On What We Have

{Thanks to those who watched that book/movie and shared their impressions. If you didn’t get a chance I definitely suggest you do. I have never seen such an impressive visualization of how all of this feels. It is breathtaking and heartbreaking, with a perfect ending.}

I like to take photographs. And I like to make photo books. Correction: I like to LOOK at photo books once they’ve been made. I always end up having to make them in a week or so, to take advantage of great Shutterfly sales right before the holidays so making them is quite stressful, but once they are made I ADORE them.

I’ve shared photo books I’ve made here twice before. In fact, I put up pictures from Isa’s 6 month to 1 year photo book on this exact day last year, and if you read a few posts back from that post you’ll see I was scrambling to get that book done in as little time as I had this year (less than a week). Much earlier I wrote a post about how much I love digital photo books, how easy they are to make and how great they look.

This past week I’ve been feverishly putting together Isa’s 1-2 year photo book. I found out about the 50% sale five days before it was ending so I didn’t have much time, but I still managed to put together a pretty good 90 page book. It has actually helped me a lot this past week, to remember how much I have, how lucky I am. Sure there were bittersweet moments, when I saw pictures from a specific day that had some significance to our TTC journey and was reminded how LONG AGO it was and how we’re not closer now than we were then to building our family. But mostly it was a visual reminder of what we have. Or how adorable my daughter is and the great times we’ve shared .

And because I don’t have much to say today, I’m going to share some of my book with all of you. I’m putting in a lot of pages so please feel free to click away!

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  1. I love making picture books, too! I make them with our travel photos. Sadly, since IVF we have not had any grand trips. Maybe I should make one with photos from our day trips. An adventure is still an adventure whether it is in Costa Rica or down the road at the park, right?

    I’m glad you had a moment of thankfulness, too. It is so easy to lose sight of what we have when fighting for the things we want. It’s good when we are able to put or longing aside and relish in our accomplishment. As I type this, I’m relishing in my wonderful cat friend who hangs out with me at the computer every morning, watching intently as new letters pop up on screen. Despite what we lack and uncertainties in the future, we are lucky, lucky women. (Thanks for the email this morning, too. It meant so much.)

  2. Oh I LOVE photo books!!!!! I’m waiting to get through the big first birthday party and actual birthday before getting my books done. Yeah I know I missed the sale, but I have a coupon 😉

    Isa is absolutely adorable and the happiness and great love can b.e seen in each picture! Love this!

  3. I love love LOVE photobooks. I’ve made quite a few the last few years of our travels, and finished my latest one last night. Hopefully it’ll be done for Christmas. I’m also planning on doing one for my sisters and mother of all our old black and white photos. I’ve been planning it for a while. Hopefully one day I’ll finish it!

    I’ve been trying to convince my sister to do photobooks of her daughter’s first years. I think I need to show her your post to get inspired!

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