Something I Have to Share

Have you ever come across something that spoke directly to your soul? That made you feel immediately understood and less alone?

Today I came across an incredible book. An unusual set of circumstances led me to pick it up in the library. And as soon as I had read it, I knew I needed to share it here.

But how to share a picture book on my blog?

Searching for a way I came across this incredible movie, based on the book. It’s 5 minutes long, which I know is a big chunk of time, especially when you’re reading this post on your phone in between more important tasks. If you can’t watch it now, I hope you can carve out a moment later in the day. There is music but it’s not necessary to the experience (and obviously wasn’t included in the original book). If you have the time, I hope you can watch it. There has been little that has touched me so profoundly recently. I am truly moved.

5 responses

  1. Thank you for sharing that! I totally had to pull out a spare nursing pad to blot tears, because OF COURSE I have no tissues or napkins at my desk. So lovely. I hope your red tree appears very soon.

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