It’s an interesting–and unintended–side effect of meditation (and a calm mind): I don’t know what to write about here. Without despair fueling my 1000+ word posts I just can’t think of what I should say. I’ve so rarely had this problem in my 3+ years of blog writing, I wonder how I’ll handle it.

I’m glad this past week is behind us. Isa was sick at home for three days. On Wednesday I took a sick day because I was coming down with what Isa had. I thought I’d be able to send Isa to school that day but it turned out she wasn’t well enough yet so my sick day ended up being a caring-for-Isa day which didn’t allow for much rest or rejuvenation. Between two days of writing sub plans (I also stayed home with her on Monday) and getting sick myself, the week was a tough one. As I’m writing this late Sunday night I have absolutely no voice. If it’s not back tomorrow things are going to be rough.

This coming week was supposed to be a short one for me. I was planning on taking Friday off to fly to New York for a wedding. But that wedding was supposed to take place at Chelsey Piers and the venue was pretty much destroyed in the hurricane. This past Thursday an email went out announcing that the wedding has been postponed indefinitely. I feel just awful for my friend and his fiancee.

Luckily Jet Blue credited us without any cancellation fees. We have a year to use the money we originally spent on the tickets. I’m not even sure if the wedding will happen in the next year, I have no idea what their plans are.

My parents were slated to take care of Isa and they were really disappointed to hear we weren’t going away. So we decided to let them take her anyway and we’re going to enjoy a staycation at home alone, just the two of us. I’d love for us to actually go somewhere but we can’t afford that right now. So instead we’ll just stay home and see a movie and eat out and get some drinks at a bar and maybe hear some live music and you know, do the things that adults do when no toddlers are around.

I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to it. Things between Mi.Vida and I have actually been really good lately but our relationship can always benefit from some one-on-one time. The biggest bummer is that we’ll just have missed my ovulation window, unless of course my body decides to postpone things for a couple of days. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be sharing some intimate moments over the weekend.

Have you ever taken a staycation? If so, what did you do?

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  1. I took a staycation with J when I was unemployed (pulled him out of preschool for a week), but we just did kids’ stuff. We went to museums and had a playdate. It was nice, but doesn’t answer your question.

    If I did have a kid-free staycation, I’m not sure what I’d do. Probably clean the house. I think we’d go out to dinner and watch movies. And have some intimate moments, as you put it.

    And it’s funny, we’ve been in a really good point in our marriage lately, too. I keep wanting to blog about it, so my readers know my marriage is not always stressful, but there’s just not as much to say about that as the harder times.

  2. My husband and I did a little stay-cation for our anniversary. My parents took Raegan over night. The hubs and I had a nice dinner out, watched a movie and had some really good conversations. Unfortunately for us, I was in the middle of an FET cycle and was being monitored so we didn’t get to sleep in because we had to run to the city for ultrasound and blood work. But we did have a nice breakfast out before going to pick Raegan up.

  3. Read your more recent post before this one- so glad your friend foound a new date for her wedding, but ugh, how frustrating for them! R’s cousin got married in CT the weekend before the hurricane- I was thinking how awful it would have been for them had it been a week later. I’ve never had a staycation, but it sounds wonderful. I hope you guys are able to relax, enjoy and connect even more than you are right now!

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