Perfect Moment Mondays: The Whole Family

Yesterday morning my daughter woke up and requested pancakes. I don’t generally cook but I’ve been practicing my pancakes. It was decided that this morning mommy would make breakfast.

And so I did. And my pancakes were awesome. I flipped them at just the right time and I didn’t even get batter everywhere when I did. When I was done I had a stack of beautiful golden pumpkin pancakes (courtesy of Trader Joe’s mix of the same name) and a little girl who couldn’t wait to eat them.

Then we all sat down to eat breakfast together. With a two year old who wants to eat dinner almost immediately upon returning home from day care, we rarely get to sit down to eat as a family. On weekends we make a special effort to do so and it obviously means a lot to our daughter. As soon as we all sat down and starting in on our perfect pancakes, my daughter looked up and said with great fan fare, It’s the whole family!

In that moment I was reminded how incredibly lucky we are to have each other, to have our family.

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  1. Aww! That is too cute and awesome that your daughter and you were able to recognize how special that moment was for all of you. Those photos are adorable and the pancakes sound delicious! We ate breakfast an IHOP on Saturday morning and I tried their pumpkin spice pancakes they were yummy! Now I am craving pumpkin spice something… Thanks so much for sharing this perfect moment with your whole family! I hope you experience and notice many more in the days to come.

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