Devastating News

There are some blog friends that hold a very special place in your heart. Elizabeth and her son Grayson are just such blog friends for me. I can’t even remember when Elizabeth and I started reading each other but I’ve watched her son grow up through her words and pictures and I hold them both very close to my heart.

Today, Elizabeth shared some absolutely devastating news. Her son, who they already knew has Mitochondrial Disease,  was just diagnosed with Leigh’s disease, which is terminal. Elizabeth’s gorgeous son will likely not live past childhood. Please go over and send some love to Elizabeth and her beautiful Grayson, who turns two next week. Meeting someone with the strength and grace that Elizabeth possesses is a rare thing indeed, but even she will need all our support during this unthinkably impossibly time.

One response

  1. I just wanted to extend my thoughts to you too. I know that internet friendships are real – and sometimes our physical distance makes it feel harder, when we can’t go over with food, or give a real hug. And I imagine you’re feeling that way too.

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