That’s what happens

So it turns out, when you stop blogging for a while, people stop reading. Even when you come back, a lot of them don’t.

That is just what happens.

And of course, no hard feelings, though I guess that’s silly to say because the ones that left won’t even be seeing it. But I’ll say it anyway. No hard feelings those who went away. You were just following suit.

And for all of you who stuck around… Thank you.

This blogging thing is so strange and I feel I can’t get a handle on it anymore. I’m just not sure of… well any of it.

My nights are crazed these days. This school year is kicking my ass and we’re only just starting the second week! Every afternoon I work like crazy to get as much done at school as I can while still picking my daughter up at a reasonable hour. I come home and enjoy a few hours with my very tired and cranky little girl. I try to coax to eat dinner, I wash the junk out of her hair and put her to bed. Then I unpack one box (a box a day keeps the crazies away!) and work on one project (diaper sprayer installed! Woot!) before I hunker down to plan for my new classes this year. Tech and Math 8 alone have me totally overwhelmed; I never know what I’m doing in my Spanish classes.

Finally, as I get ready for bed, I briefly scan through the 30-40 new posts that have shown up in my reader while I’ve been completely indisposed all day. I so rarely have time to write, both my posting and commenting will surely suffer for at least the next month, and that makes me sad because honestly, I don’t have much else going on in the “social interaction” aspect of my life.

I want to write here, and at my new space (god it’s been AGES since I set foot there) but I don’t know what to say and I don’t know how to make the time to say it. I feel like a broken record but that is really where I am right now. It’s not the most fabulous place to be, and again I’m clinging to the reality that it can’t last forever.

What else to say now? It’s 10:35 so I really should head to bed. My morning are strange, half the week I wake up later and get Isa ready and take her to school. On those mornings I’m getting into the shower at the same time as I pick up this seventh grader that I take to school on the other days. It’s weird and off putting to have such different morning routines and I’m constantly worried that I’m getting the day wrong and jumping into the shower when I should be pulling up and texting “I’m here.” Tomorrow is a later start day (I hope!), so I guess I have a minute.

When I have the time I want to tackle some of the newer parts of parenting that are now a part of our lives, like school and all it involves, including drop offs and pick ups and Isa alternating between loving and hating it. I also want to write about the blissful joy of punching in a very specific setting on the washing machine and not dropping a quarter into that machine to make it start (I still haven’t stopped thinking I need quarters when I go down there, every time I check my pockets for change and every time I enjoy the realization that I’ll never need it to wash my clothes). I also have a few love poems to dedicate to our parking space and how amazing it is to not scour the neighborhood for a spot to leave my car. As you can see I have a lot of important shit to say! I just need to find the time to say it!

Maybe tomorrow… we shall see.

14 responses

  1. I’m still here too. 🙂

    Love this sentence: “One box a day keeps the crazies away.” That is totally how I feel, too.

    And – what Mali said. I want pictures too!

  2. I’m here…still reading and following along. Would you believe that we still have a few boxes in the basement that we have not unpacked and we’ve been there for almost 3 years? Yikes. Most of it will be sent to the thrift store over the next few months, but still. Yay for no more quarters to do laundry. That must be so liberating! And I’d love to hear about Isa’s school adventures…when you have time, of course. You have a very full life right now and I think that’s a good thing. Keep us posted on what you are up to!

  3. I think once this week passes, a lot of people will be back because they’re still in vacation mode from the long weekend.

    I also have a different routine every morning, and I spend a lot of time just standing still and thinking, “crap, what day is today and where am I supposed to be?”

  4. The first time in my adult life I did laundry without quarters I may have wept with joy it was that awesome. My husband is like the energizer bunny of moving, he has the whole house unpacked in 2 days, I was in shock the first time he helped me move; We’re just not going to sit down at all for this entire weekend?! Oh! Um, ok… It was crazy. I’ve come to appreciate his way. Boxes are the devil.

    Glad you’re settling in!

  5. Think of the money you’ll be saving on laudry alone- so great! And no more parking stress- hooray! You will get it all unpacked- I like your one box a night strategy. Sorry this school year is so difficult- I hope once the school year gets going it will become more manageable. Always reading…keep writing!

  6. Like Chaucer, you’ve just told us about the laundry and the parking space in the most perfect way. 🙂 I know how the time slips away … we need more hours, but we also need more sleep. Be where you need to be … and you’ll be back here soon enough.

  7. Parking and laundry are two of the most stressful things when you live in the city. I totally understand your desire to write love poems about them! The best part, and I mean the BEST part, of moving from Chicago back to Iowa was having my own washer and dryer.

    I do not look forward to having Matthew in school and having to deal with drop-off and pick-up. Ugh.

  8. Hi Esperanza,

    I know it’s really frustrating when readers start leaving! 😥 Many of us have had the same problem when life gets busy. My team and I are currently working on a start-up which could potentially help with this problem.

    It’s called NuffnangX and we’re basically a social blog stalking app where your followers can easily keep up with you.

    What do we have to offer that’s different from a basic reader? Well, for one, we feature a one-lined ‘elevator pitch’ from the blog post on our feed instead of the whole post or just a title! I’m so excited to share this with you but I hate to ramble on in your comments. Sorry if this sounds like spam 😦

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