So, it looks like this is happening. We’re buying a house.

There is still one little (okay, huge) wrinkle to iron out but it looks like that is happening. I think we’ll know by early next week that EVERYTHING is in place but as of right now we have our preliminary approval and I’m moving ahead as if we’re a go.

I cannot believe we’re buying a house. I cannot believe we’re moving out of our apartment.

I’ve never lived anywhere longer than I’ve lived in my moldy cave of an apartment. I still can’t believe that the place I got with my college roommate two years after we graduated is still where I live. That is CA-RAY-ZAY.

And now we’re moving out. We have a lot to throw out and even more to pack up. I haven’t really figured out how I’m going to pack up an apartment and still live in it with my increasingly rambunctious two year old. Seriously, how do those logistics work? Our place is so small, there is no extra space to stack boxes. And there are so many things we can’t pack until literally the day before we’re hoping to move. I’m really at a loss as to how this will all play out.

Today I picked up boxes from my FIL and I started packing. I started with books and things we definitely don’t need anytime in the near future. Only a month and a half ago I was packing my classroom so I’m actually very aware of what this is going to entail, especially the time commitment aspect of it. If we can close by August 13th, which is my hope, I’m going to need every single minute of every day between then and now to get this apartment packed. It’s going to be insane.

But I kind of love insane. I do well with it.

Mi.Vida? not so much.

And I worry about Isa. This summer has been tough for her. We’re making some big girl transitions in anticipation of “school,” which starts in less than a month. She’s no longer allowed to have a binki when she’s awake–it’s only for sleeping and the car (we have to drive 30+ minutes a lot and that is hard with a binki at the end). We’re also about to stop her milk before nap time; right now she gets some milk in a sippy cup before nap time and bedtime and right when she gets up. She LOVES her milk and it will be hard not to have it before her naps. It’s such a wonderful tool to get her excited to go down, and to coax her into her room for a diaper change and such; losing it will be as hard on me as it will be on her. But she won’t be allowed to drink warm milk out of a sippy before nap time at school and she probably shoudln’t be drinking that much milk anyway so it’s good to stop doing it. But between that and the binkis though, it’s been tough.

As we think about moving to the new house there are all kinds of other transitions to consider as well. Do we move Isa into a room with her crib like it is now, or transition her to a big girl bed right away? I am all for just keeping her in the crib because it will be a safe place that she knows in the new house. I’ve also heard horror stories about how hard the transition to a big kid bed can be and Isa takes FOREVER to fall asleep, I can’t imagine what it would be like if she could just get up and do whatever she wanted. She also thrashes around all night like crazy; we still have her in a sleep sac because she’d never stay under covers and our house is cold. So I think the crib it will be, though Mi.Vida thinks moving her to the crib and then switching her to a new room with a big girl bed (leaving the crib up in the other room for her would-be sibling) is too many transitions in too close a time. I have a feeling I’ll win this one, as I’m the one who does all the night parenting but we’ll see. Sometimes figuring these things out can be hard.

I love thinking about our new house, how we’ll set up the rooms, what new furniture we need to buy. The house is a two bedroom but we plan on sleeping in the living room and using the dining room for the living room. There is a sun room off the kitchen and that is where we plan to eat. The only problem with our current set-up is that the room that we’ll use as our bedroom has a big hearth and these build in covered book cases that take up one whole wall so there isn’t much room for furniture and we’ll need a big armoir as it doesn’t have a closet. We also want to put frosted glass doors between that room and the living room so that light will get to that room (it only has one small window of it’s own). So yeah, there is still a lot to work out but I think it will work.

I still can’t really believe this is happening. I’ve wanted this for so long. Owning this house means so many things for us; it’s actually owning our own home that we won’t ever be forced to leave (we hope!), it’s making a commitment to stay in the city, which has been a HUGE question for us, it’s having the space to grow our family and it’s having the creature comforts we’ve wanted for so long, like off street parking, in-unit laundry, a back yard and storage space. For years I’ve said that I would know I had arrived when I had a place to park my car and wash my clothes.

Looks like I’m about to arrive. πŸ˜‰

6 responses

  1. Congratulations, Esperanza, this is great news. We moved to our current place, a rental, and I was happy to live in a house, but sad that we didn’t own our own home. The best part must be knowing that you can make it your own home and never worry about what the landlords will or will not allow. Is there a way you can move boxes there before the actual move in date?

  2. I’m so excited for you and your new house! I hope you’ll post pictures of it, I love seeing empty places full of potential, it gets my imagination going!

    I think there would be plenty of time in between the transition from crib to bed, I don’t understand what the rush is. You know my opinion, so long as it’s not a safety issue, keep her there till 2nd grade. πŸ™‚

  3. Such a happy post! I love the thought of you moving into a space of your own, a space with so much potential. πŸ™‚
    And funny … we set up N’s toddler bed today, just to see what would happen. She LOVED it. And actually napped in it. But was MUCH too squirmy to sleep in it tonight. Back to the sack and the crib for us!

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