But once a year

Today is my special day. My birthday.

But some birthdays aren’t that special. And that’s okay.

I’m spending today battling cramps and the heartbreak of AF. Tonight I have a three hour class, plus three hours commuting to and from it.

But this morning I got to have breakfast with the love of my life. And this afternoon my mom brought home my favorite Thai food for lunch.

There have been worse birthdays and there probably will be more of them.

Today I am thankful for 32 mostly healthy years, a partner who loves me, despite all the reasons I give him not to, a daughter who lights up my life and the hope of giving her a sibling.

I’m also thankful for my friends, new and old and this place, where I can always come when I need support and understanding.

I have a lot to be thankful for, on this day and all my unbirthdays.

10 responses

  1. Not stalking you I swear 😉 I’m catching up on email and this just popped up in my inbox. Happy Birthday to you!!! You are awesome 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday- I’m sorry it’s not the best of days and the past few months have been such a struggle. But I do hope you are able to have a wonderful day with your family despite all that.

  3. Happy Birthday, Esperanza! Oh, I’ve had a few of those kind of birthdays…. but it’s another day to appreciate your life – and hope that next year is really awesome!

  4. You knew this was going to be a hard day, and here it is now. Graced with thankfulness. Que lo pases muy bien, feliz cumpleaños y que celebres cien mas! Un fuerte abrazo – e

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