Big Day

Today was a big day. I recently wrote this to Mi.Vida on gchat:

This day is so crazy.
Our daughter turned 2, we put our first offer on a house…
And I ovulated!
Of course, we didn’t have sex on ovulation day (we were just too tired and it ended up being a day early), there is every chance we’ll be outbid, despite offering $50K over asking and including a heartfelt letter (to be published on my other blog later this week) and we’ll barely see our daughter on her big day. But that’s life, right? You just give it your best and hope it all works out the way it’s supposed to.

I promise I’ll publish a letter to Isa soon. I have so much to say to this incredible girl who has so fundamentally changed my life and I will write it or so help me!

Thank you all for reading and commenting over at my other space. I can’t tell you want it means. And now tell me…

What are you up to on this fabulous day in June?

6 responses

  1. Happy Birthday Isa! Hope you guys had a great day with your sweet girl. And you made an offer on a house- wow, SO EXCITING! I really, really hope it works out. It just blows my mind that you have to offer OVER asking price to have a chance- crazy. We are all about low-balling here in Texas- ha. Today, G had a doctors appointment that we ended up walking out on because the doctor still hadn’t seen him an hour and 15 minutes after our appt time, then we went and signed papers for our will and G’s special needs trust with our attorney. Good times!

  2. Wow, that is BIG! And all good things, too 🙂

    Thank YOU for writing interesting things to comment on!

    I like this: “That’s life, right? You just give it your best and hope it all works out the way it’s supposed to.”

    We leave tomorrow for 2 weeks in the US at an orientation for the new job in Colombia, but my husband is STILL dragging his feet and wondering whether or not we should just stay here instead. It’s so frustrating but I’m trying to be patient with him. The job in Col. was his idea to begin with!!! So today I’m packing, ticking things off lists, taking deep breaths.

  3. Wow, happy birthday to Isa and congrats to you all for all the big steps being taken today. On another note, I’ve been feeling badly about the negative Nelly comment I left on your house-hunting post. I am sure you guys have considered ALL the angles, and if this house truly feels like home, then it was absolutely right to go for it…best of luck in that process!!!
    It is indeed a beautiful June day, such a great time for a little girl’s birthday 🙂

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