An Isolating Endeavor

Do you find parenthood isolating? I thought everyone did, but then I was told that some don’t. And then I wrote this.

Two years ago today I was still not sure if I was in true and active labor. When I got up from a living room showing of The Hangover, things started moving into high gear. I can’t believe two years ago my daughter entered my life. I hope I’ll be writing more about it at some point soon.

2 responses

  1. Oh, heck yeah! Those early baby days (when I could stick my son in a carrier and attend a ‘new mom’ MeetUp and talk endlessly about fascinating topics like starting solids) were different, though. Like one big giggly slumber party and I was finally in the club, so grateful after such a long journey to get there.

    But then the kids started walking, and running off — so you can’t talk to other moms any more because you’ve got to catch them. And then (we also live in a big city) the moms I had managed to start a cool relationship with are all moving away in droves to more suburban places. Or people go back to work. Or get pregnant again, and I am faced with the green-eyed infertility demon again and start avoiding those moms… or playgrounds in general, etc, etc…

    Yep, pretty isolating. Not to say I am not head over heels in love with my son, but still. It’s something I hadn’t thought about much when I thought about having a family.

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