Reflecting on my past (to the second power)

I do this thing where I look back at whatever I posted a year, or two, ago. I just did that and I found this: Confessional Fridays: Flirting with my Past.

Have I been like this for a whole year? Was it that bad and then got better? Is this what my life is always going to be like?

Reading that post scares me. I wonder if I’ll ever feel happy and whole, for any extended period of time. Or will I always come back here, over and over again, like a record scratched and skipping, with no hope of making it through the song.

One response

  1. You know, reading this post made me wonder if the end of school is a kind of trigger for you? It’s a stressful time: you have to wrap up a lot of things, you’re dreading moving classrooms and having a hard time looking forward to a new routine because of what has to be done first. I totally relate to this: I tend to have thought patterns when I have to DO things I’m dreading that make it hard to float above all of the other stresses and worries. And now you have TTC in the mix.

    I noticed I commented back then:

    Wow. This post gave me the chills.
    Doesn’t it suck that some of us have to work so hard to be happy? And yet, we know it’s worth the struggle.

    It’s a relevant comment now. Keep up the struggle. Watch the GoT finale, or Mad Men. Do something, anything to treat yourself. This too shall pass.

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