Summer Doldrums

Thank you all for your kind comments. I thought it was interesting that so many people told me I don’t have to apologize for writing about TTC, even though I never actually apologized for doing so. Maybe my tone was apologetic? I’m not sure, but I found it interesting.

And now I do want to apologize, in case my “TTC blogs are boring as shit” comment hurt any feelings. Just because I think my own TTC posts are super mundane, doesn’t mean anyone else’s are. So I apologize for that over-generalized statement. I may not be that into TTC blogs (my own included) but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be.

I also wanted to make sure I made clear that I very much appreciate all the comments people have been leaving on my recent posts. I’m sure my last post made it seem like I take those comments for granted, but I don’t. Not in the slightest. Every comment I get touches my heart and I never want to imply otherwise. Never.

Has anyone else noticed that no one is writing these days? I have to admit, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the blogosphere. I have over 150 blogs in my reader and yesterday less than 15 posts popped up. I suppose the summer doldrums are officially here. For a girl who has very few IRL friends, slow blogging seasons are hard. I guess I’ll be plowing through 50 Shades of Grey faster than I thought.

And now, because I’m too tired to see straight, let alone write anything coherent, I shall direct you to my new space, where I started a series on our Field Testing the American Dream as we try to find, and buy, a house.

5 responses

  1. Now I’m curious what Elizabeth’s experiment is by not blogging…

    I hadn’t noticed the slowdown yet, but that could be because I’m behind on my reader and feeling like I’m running to keep up. The summer does slow down overall, but individual pockets of the blogosphere still buzz.

  2. I haven’t been feeling a lot of bloggy inspiration lately. But it always seems to pop up again, eventually!! I did get my Google Reader back under 100 posts, although I didn’t leave a lot of comments in the process.

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