Back in the game, take two

This morning I woke up with my third high temp and Fertility Friend promptly called it. I guess I Oed, though it’s unclear when. FF has chosen Sunday, but I’m pretty sure that is only because I recorded EWCM Saturday and Sunday, though there wasn’t much of it and I could have been confusing Pre-seed remnants with EWCM. The only thing I do know is I didn’t have a trace of any kind of CM after Sunday. It’s been bone dry up there, despite totally abstaining from any kind of antihistamines and making myself miserable in the process (seriously, how bad are your allergies this season? It’s ridiculous!)

So yeah, supposedly I ovulated right when I had sex, but I’m not convinced. FF didn’t seem to know what to do with this cycle either, drawing the coverline right through the middle of my crazy sawtooth temps, putting at least half of them above the dumb thing. Who knows what the fuck is going on.

I will admit I’m relieved. I harbor no hope of getting pregnant this cycle but that is overshadowed by my immense relief that I did, as far as anyone can tell, ovulate. I guess my body wanted to remind me to be thankful for the little–yet very important–things like actually releasing an egg and having a shot at this whole getting pregnant thing. And you know what, after this crazy cycle I will. (Please remind me to come back to this post when I lose sight of that perspective).

In the meantime I guess I’ll keep trying to keep up my paper-thin facade of not posting here. I mean, I’ve posted here three times this week, who do I think I’m kidding? Is it my belief that if I keep them under 400 words, and/or their subject matter involves an evidently unnecessary and over-exaggerated fear of not ovulating, they don’t count? I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Honestly I don’t. And I’m sure that is abundantly clear.

This weekend we’re going to a wedding in Bodega Bay, where we’ve made reservations to stay overnight. You can bet your… (what word goes there?!) that I’m going to be drinking. You can also be sure I’ll be loving on my amazing man, who really did come through this week. I’m so grateful for all his love and support.

And with that update, I will leave you with two questions, as I need your advice.

1) If I take antihistamines during my LP and stop when CD1 rolls around, will there be enough time for them to get out of my system and not mess with my CM? Or does any kind of antihistamine anytime near your cycle dry you up? I just want to take some homeopathic remedies for part of my cycle because man oh man, I am freaking MISERABLE with these allergies right now. It’s just awful.

2) I’ve realized recently that I’m never going to get an online teaching job if I don’t have experience teaching online. It’s a vicious catch 22. I recently saw a position for “Learning Coach” at an online K-12 school in my area. I wouldn’t be teaching, just providing guidance to students and families, facilitating their online learning experience and becoming familiar with the systems and programs they use. The pros are I’d get experience with online teaching (though not actually doing any online teaching) and I’d have an in if they ever needed a Spanish teacher in my area. The cons are I am grossly overqualified (you don’t even need a BA to apply) and it probably pays horribly. I can’t decide if I should turn in my resume and see what happens. Is this getting my toe in the door, or just a waste of my oh-so scarce time?

Thanks for your words of wisdom. They are always appreciated!

5 responses

  1. “You can bet your… (what word goes there?!) that I’m going to be drinking”

    Bottom arse, I think, goes in there.
    (1) don’t know the specifics, can’t advise as I’m not exactly the poster child for quick n’ easy conception, but wanted to sympathise – hayfever is fecking miserable and I take the meds every 2 days usually, every day when REALLY bad, but never tracked CM so closely (I get the preseed/EWCM confusion too)

    (2)Dunno, my initial thought was foot in the door too. Can you do minimal hours/part time, or is it set hours? You can always leave if its shocking work and not sustainable . . .

  2. Arse definitely fits. That and tosser are my favorite British words, because am classy like that.

    Apply for the job. You won’t know the downsides until, well, you know.

  3. Just reading about Fertility Friend and coverlines gives me a slight case of PTSD LOL. I had many an anovulatory cycle, so I empathize with both FF and you kind of going WTF?

    I suggest apply as well. Does your local community college have any online courses or a university close by that creates online non-credit courses? We create online non-credit courses and manage them through the Moodle LMS. We’re always looking for content experts, so it might be good to investigate what needs your local extension groups might have that might be able to get you some experience.

  4. I’d echo the others … apply! You never know what might happen. And yes, in some ways you are overqualified, but in other ways (e.g. online teaching experience), not … right? 🙂

  5. Do what you need to do, blogging-wise. There are so many things going on for you right now wherein the outcome is not in your control, but there are things you need to do in order to TRY to get the outcome you want – to be in the game – exhausting. Don’t overthink the blogging, just do what feels good in the moment!

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