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First of all, a reminder to everyone participating in the Bringing Up Bébé book club that one quote and one question are due today! Please send them as soon as you can to my email (esperanzasays{at}gmail{dot}com). If you can’t get them to me today, get them to me when you can and I’ll add them to the post (which will go up tomorrow) as I get them.

Today is my 700th post. But since 717 is kind of my number I’m waiting until that post to do a little dance about it. And if you think I’m really waiting until post #717 because I couldn’t think of anything to do now, you’d be absolutely, 100% correct.

There is yet another pregnancy in my reader. Again, I’m am SO THRILLED for everyone but I have to admit, I’m also overwhelmed. It’s hard not to let TTC and pregnancy crowd out other thoughts when I’m reading about them every day in my reader. The strangest thing is that some how my reader is now about half full of pregnant women and yet only 8/100+ blogs that I read are actually written by pregnant women. That math does NOT add up, which means my perception of the situation seems to be incredibly inaccurate. Not shocking.

Speaking of pregnancy, and trying, tomorrow is supposed to be CD1. I am going to be so all over it this month, using OPKs and tracking my CM like a maniac. I am NOT letting this month slip past me. Oh hellz no.

But evidently I’ll also be drinking Diet Coke because no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to give it up. I swear, it’s like I’m addicted. One of the only things that made last month better was knowing I had another free pass on drinking Diet Coke. I just love it, even though I know it’s made entirely of chemicals. I mean, there is NOTHING natural in that wretched drink. And yet, I adore it. Last time I was TTC I didn’t drink one Diet Coke during the whole year. This time I’m not sure I can do it. I can’t figure out why I can’t make the sacrifices I did last time this time. I mean, I can’t do acupuncture because I can’t afford it, but I could stop eating processed foods and drinking crap like Diet Coke without any financial fall out. And yet I don’t. My unwillingness to make sacrifices troubles me, but evidently not enough to do anything about it. Blerg.

But enough TTC. Seriously, I’m so sorry the topic has taken over my blog. I really am. I will write about it less. I will do better.

Oh, except for one thing. I think I’m going to read 50 Shades of Grey, but not for the reason you might think. I kind of get off on even the mildest erotica and I’ve heard the book is full of the stuff, so I thought maybe, just maybe, if I’m reading it this month I’ll be inspired to, you know, be intimate with my man for reasons other than just baby making. Wanting to have sex can’t be a bad thing when you’re TTC, so I’m going to give it a go. I hope it works.

On a completely divergent topic, Mi.Vida and I are ambivalently considering looking for a house. As it to buy. We can only put 5% down (the past two years have been brutal on our savings) but maybe our parents could borrow against the equities of their homes to “gift” us the remaining 15%, in which case we might be able to afford it. Of course, we haven’t asked either of them if they’d be willing, or even able, to help us and with my father’s four years of unemployment I’m not sure my parents are in a position to offer us anything. So who knows? Not me, certainly. But with the good(ish) real estate market, low interest rates and skyrocketing SF rents, coupled with the fact that we’ll need more space in a year or two, it seems foolish not to at least explore the possibility. I can’t imagine we can actually make it work, on a month to month basis, but I’m meeting with a mortgage broker and we’ll figure out what the monthly payments look like.

I guess that’s a good overview of what’s milling around in my brain. So many questions and very few answers. I hope you’re all doing well. What’s milling around in your head? What unanswered questions are lurking there?

9 responses

  1. I’ve totally considered reading that book for the same reason. We’re not TTC fr #2 yet, but with Stella being 4.5 months old, getting busy is definitely LOW on my priority list, and I miss it! 🙂

    This is SUCH a great time to buy if you can. Would you qualify for an FHA loan so that you could do 3.5% down instead? That’s what we ended up doing. 3.5% + closing costs still ended up being around $20k for our area – no small chunk of change – but we are 100% happy that we’re not renting anymore!

  2. When I was TTC I had the same problem giving up certain things. Since I had trouble getting pregnant, you’d think the second year TTC I would have totally cleaned up my act. Uh, no, didn’t happen. It’s really hard!

  3. I would totally vote for buying a house, if you can manage the down payment (I’ve probably said this before). Despite our recent financial troubles, I know we’re better off as homeowners. It was a big increase from our rent payment, but after almost 6 years here, it’s looking like a good deal. At the apartment complex where I work, 1-bedrooms rent for the same as what we pay for mortgage. Our house has lost a lot of value, but it’ll come back eventually, and in the meantime we’re paying off our loan and building stability. Plus I like living around other homeowners and getting to know them, because they stay put. Good luck with that and everything else!

  4. It’s going to be hard for me to give up my one Coke Zero a day habit. I don’t drink coffee and tea doesn’t seem to give me the caffeine boost that I need during lunch. I know that I will need to cut it out if I ever manage to get knocked up…but until then I will continue to drink it, even if it can also be used to clean toilets. Ugh.

    You can qualify for an FHA loan. They are really helpful for people that don’t have 20% for a down payment (like me and my husband).

  5. Buying a house is a very exciting prospect. Be warned…the financial people will tell you how much you qualify for and you will be ecstatic. However, they seem to forget that you need to eat and pay utility bills and such. Stay strong and don’t let them talk you into bidding on a house out of your price range just because on paper you can afford it. I’ve been there and it’s hell to say the least. I learned my lesson and the last 2 mortgages I’ve had are much more manageable even though we qualified for almost double what we actually financed. And you have to figure in your taxes and homeowner’s insurance to your monthly payment, too. That is also something they sometimes don’t tell you until it’s too late.

    I am also worried about my diet drink obsession/addiction. I love a diet fountain cola…it soothes me in a way water just can’t. There are times that I don’t drink a soda at lunch but I ALWAYS drink a diet sierra mist when I get home from work with my dinner. I equate it to my husband having a cold beer after work. For whatever reason, drinking that soda really makes me happy and relaxed. I know it’s better to give it up but I don’t really know what to replace it with. I don’t like many juices and I drink water most of the day so I get sick of it. I would drink decaff ice tea but then I’d put artificial sweetner in it and I know those sweetners are really bad, too. I wonder if regular sugar is better during pregnancy? Well, all of this is assuming that I will actually get pregnant in the first place…and that’s a lot of assuming. Anyway, good luck with trying to cut out the diet coke…I commend your strength if you can do it but will definitely not judge if you can’t. 🙂

  6. I’m about halfway through the Grey book, and I have to report, it has definitely helped my non-TTC sex life! Enjoy!

    I do NOT look forward to limiting all my vices when we start really TTC again. I think it would be fine if someone could tell me that it would only take X number of months, but given my IF history, it’s an unknown time… unbearable!

  7. I just started drinking Diet Coke again, because I can’t stay awake. My brain hurts. *wry smile*

    I like this post, actually … it’s nice to hear your voice be “random” sometimes. 🙂

  8. 700 posts- AMAZING. Congrats! I can’t give up DC either- sigh. And house hunting- woo hoo- so exciting. I hope that works out for you!!!

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