I was wrong

Well, it seems the concerns expressed in my last post were unfounded. For that I am truly pleased. I suppose my hyper-sensitivity is a remnant of the extreme guilt I feel for never having earned membership in this community but taking up residency anyway, a guilt that I realize has been amplified greatly by my upcoming second attempts at TTC. Getting ready to try again, and acknowledging that my biggest concerns about getting pregnant are evidently rendered a non-issue by something as simple as 100mg daily of B6, make me feel even more like an impostor than I already did. Of course I also worry about another ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage but the truth is, fertiles should worry about those things too, they just don’t. I suppose my fear that those in the trenches would be offended by PAIL was actually my own fear that everyone in this community, including those on PAIL, would be offended by me, trying again without assistance and probably succeeding (eventually), in having another baby.

I must admit, I have never been happier to miss the mark so completely. And, it turns out, I’m learning more about myself in the process. That, I believe, is always a good thing.

Thank you everyone who gently pointed out that I was wrong on this one. I do appreciate it. I hope I didn’t offend anyone on PAIL’s blogroll, that was never my intent. I do believe it is an important addition to our community and I look forward to watching it grow and participating in all it has to offer.

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