Drum Roll Please…

Introducing Penelope Does Bedtime (All By Herself), a story by yours truly. It needs three more pages to be a complete book (did you know most children’s book have 32 pages, 28 of which require content?) Even without the three missing pages I think you can get a feel for the book.

I decided at the last minute that I’m only going to present the original version of the book. I decided, after much deliberation, that this version is truer to the original feel of the book and for that reason I’m no longer considering the other narration style. If you really want to see the other version email me and I’ll send you a link.

So without further ado, I present my book. You can click on it to see it in full screen format (which will make for easier reading). I truly hope you enjoy it and I’d really like to know what you think of it. Any suggestions or critiques are welcome!


(Please note that you will not be able to view my book on an iPhone or iPad. I’m using Issuu to present my work and they use Flash (not supported by iPhone or iPad). Sorry!

25 responses

  1. love, love, love it! where can we buy it? i have a new nephew i’d love to give it to … and of course (G-d willing) I’d love a copy in our nursery this June!!

  2. I think it’s fantastic. I love the illustrations, the temperament of Penelope, the precise wit that’s engaging to adults — but the whimsical nature that’s fantastic for kids.

    I’d buy it!

    I’m way behind in following this journey but I just read a really interesting article in NYROB blog about ‘writer as career path’ – -and though you’re focus is children’s lit — I wonder if what they were discussing still applies – the idea of getting an agent etc. etc.

    Do you know of this link? http://scbwisf.com/

    I think this is so exciting!



  3. It is so cute! The pictures are amazing! Does each page in this viewer represent both sides when the book is open, or just one side? On page 5 (about the blankie), I read the text in the wrong order, starting with “Penelope’s blankie likes to play” because it was the highest. But I think if that were a different side of the page, that would work fine. I hope that makes sense.

    Also, I think persistent is spelled like this (page 8).

    Best of luck shopping this around!

  4. I promise that I will look at your masterpiece as soon as I get off my iPad and iphone. For some reason I can’t see anything on the screen. I’m sure it’s perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful job =) I think kids will love the black and white of the penguin and then all the colorful toys, outfits, etc. that are in the book too.

  6. This brings tears to my eyes. You are so mind-blowingly clever and Penelope is a star. I know how much work, creativity and yes, perseverance, went into this wonderful book. I totally expect Penelope’s many adventures to hit the shelves of my local bookstores ASAP.

  7. This is so great Esperanza!!! I know both my 8 year-old and my 2 year-old will love your book! They are big fans of Olivia the pic and Penelope the penguin seems to have her own spunk and unique charm! So proud of you and your work here! Way to go! xoxo

  8. It *is* cute! I love Penelope’s charm, too. 🙂 My one comment, looking now at the whole thing, is that the flow of the words on page 4 is a little confusing (I read across instead of down and then across and down again) … and you use “carried away” twice in two pages (which you might want to vary) … and your spell-check probably already caught “persistant.” But I’ll look forward to seeing the last few pages! I’m glad that you decided on this narration style, too. It’s simpler, and more like what Penelope would say about herself. 🙂

  9. It’s super charming, E! I especially liked that I could pick out (what I think was) Isa’s monster hat and other little bits from your life in the illustrations! I had no clue that that many pages were required, and I’d be interested to see what you come up with for the remaining ones. Your hard work shows, friend! 🙂

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