Words when none will do

This post will be shorter than I want it to be as I’m posting remotely from my phone.

The truth is you’ll probably have already heard of this tragedy somewhere else today, but on the off chance that you haven’t I feel I have to post here.

Many of you probably know Mo of Mommy Odyssey. After many years and three losses she thought she finally had her take home baby. Tragically, last night, at 22 weeks, her water broke. While they are waiting 24 hours to see if her water replenishes there isn’t much hope. Her baby boy will most likely not make it.

While we all know that words can do nothing to ease the pain Mo and her family is suffering we must send love her way.

My heart breaks for Mo, Shmerson and their beautiful baby boy in ways I can’t articulate.

If you would like to send your love and support to Mo you can do so on her blog or via email at faerie4ever@gmail.com.

One response

  1. I confess, I emailed her last night … I felt like I wasn’t supposed to know, but I had to let her know that my thoughts were with her. They have been since then. Please, Universe, give us a miracle.

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