In yesterday’s post I incorrectly stated that Mi.Vida does not give gifts or care about Hallmark holidays such as Valentine’s Day. I also eluded to the fact that I would not be receiving anything that night in honor of heart day. These were inaccurate statements, as was proven by Mi.Vida’s fabulous efforts yesterday, February 14, 2012.

When I got home from parking the car, I found my daughter in her crib waiting for me with this.

After I wrestled her for my Valentine (and almost initiated a total meltdown) I found that my cat, who was hiding in her tube, also had a little something for me.

Finally, Mi.Vida gave me his own Valentine. All three had very heartfelt notes from their givers, although the cat didn’t have many nice things to say.

Of course I bawled the whole way through the final card, totally overwhelmed by Mi.Vida’s thoughtfulness. He also got me my favorite burritos (which required quite a commute in the wrong direction) and informed me we’d be watching the first episode of a dorky sci-fi show I used to love and have always wanted to share with him. All while he gave me a massage.

So yeah, Mi.Vida went all out and gave me the best Valentine’s Day I could have ever hoped for. It wasn’t so much the actual cards, but what he wrote in each one, that really touched my heart. And while I still don’t know why exactly these demonstrations of affection mean so much to me, I can assure you that last night I felt loved, adored and appreciated.

I also felt like the luckiest girl alive.

Thank you my love. You’re the best! XOXO

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