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  1. She is beautiful- really. What a sweetheart.

    Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but can I buy those overalls from you when Isa outgrows them (or can you tell me where you got them)? I have been looking for those exact overalls everywhere- we have a picture of my husband in those overalls when he was about 2, and he looks just like Grayson. I want to “copy” the picture w/ G when he gets a little older. I know they are Osh Kosh, but I just can’t find them anywhere!

  2. That last one really is amazing! It just captures such joy in the moment. a definitely non-meh moment:)

    But I also saw it and realized, you know sometimes I see strangers when I am out and about and they are so so joyful — their world is so perfect! And then I see your photo and realize, these amazing moments they are woven into other moments, but here on your blog I can see this joyful photo and then read your words from other days. I can’t do that when I am witnessing people on the street. That little realization was really wonderful for me today.

    and that photo– just wow!!! Love it!

  3. There is NOTHING cuter than a toddler in overalls. : ) I am told they are out of style right now (sez who??) & maybe that’s why Elizabeth is having a hard time finding them?

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