No more (not today anyway)

It’s a cold and stormy day in San Francisco. But I don’t mind. We need the rain desperately and anyway, I have this cuddly mews to keep me warm.

If she looks super bitchy, that’s because she is. It’s a very rare treat for her to grace me with her presence. She is a fickle, fickle feline.

So yeah, it’s a cold and rainy day. It’s also CD1. It was supposed to be CD22. You can do the math on that. Needless to say it’s bumming me out. A ton. I mean, it sucks to deal with AF under the best of circumstances, but every three weeks instead of four seems especially unnecessary. And of course, a 21 day cycle does not bode well for when we start trying.

This short cycle has actually brought up a lot of shit for me but I’m not ready to write about it yet. I’m not ready to sully this space with all things TTC. Frankly I’m not ready for my thoughts to be sullied yet either but I have less control over that. What I can do is exercise the small amount of control I have and just stop this right here and now.

I will ask you one thing though. I’ve been thinking of self-treating my short luteal phases (10-11 days) with progesterone cream. If anyone has ever done that, or knows of any reasons why I shouldn’t, I’d really appreciate your two cents. I did get my progesterone checked when I was TTC before. I don’t remember the exact number but I do know it was on the very low side of normal and my OB didn’t think it warranted any further discussion. She also seemed very unimpressed with my concerns about my shortish LP. She said anything over 10 days was fine. Maybe it is. Maybe I’m just making something out of nothing.

Fuck. I’m doing it. Okay. I’m done. No more. No. Fucking. More.


7 responses

  1. Ok – chiming in but then not humoring you any more!
    I think before you do something like go for progesterone cream, you need to temp for a couple of months. You never know, maybe you ovulated WAAAAAY early and your luteal phase is just fine. In short – before anything else – get thee more information!

    And now we’re done. 🙂

  2. I like Mo’s medical advice. Hopefully, it’s all fine and TTC will go shockingly smoothly for you- but then we are not talking about that anyway. I just wanted to say that I know you’ve had a bit of a rough patch lately and I hope you’re feeling better.

  3. I don’t know if I would do the progesterone unless absolutely necessary…side effects of progesterone are terrible. I was always prescribed it after my injectible cycles during the two week wait…it makes you feel like you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. I found it to be a cruel joke when I would take a test and its negative and i just spent two weeks feeling like shit. Just my two cents! Love the pic of you and miss fickle!

  4. I had the same experience when TTC J. Low-normal progesterone, 12-day luteal phase. The RE called it “unexplained infertility” but that made no sense to me, since I was pretty sure the explanation was progesterone. Anyway, I did get pregnant eventually. You know wht does lengthen your luteal phase, though? Fertility Blend. You can buy it at a natural foods store or online. Got my luteal phase up to 14 days (but did not get me pg, alas).

  5. I used prometrium during my IUIs and IVFs, and that one time I got pregnant naturally. But never to regulate my luteal phase.

    Acupuncture was the only thing that changed my cycle. An option?

    Love that photo. Oh awesome, vengeful, pissed-off Luna. All she wants is a Ketel One Vodka martini, darling.

  6. Well, you know what I think. Just want to point out that natural progesterone cream is NOT like oral (or supp) progesterone. You won’t have the same side effects – I always felt much better on it because having the proper amount of prog. at the end of your cycle helps your body regulate and produce the proper amounts of the other hormones. This leads to stronger ovulation which leads to better progesterone production which leads to…etc. It teaches your body to improve itself. Please check out Dr. John Lee’s info on progesterone – he is definitely the expert :).

  7. I did research on natural progesterone cream before the boys came along. I have always had short cycles (averaging 24 days but a 15 day cycle wasn’t unheard of) and temping told me I either don’t ovulate or when I do I have a short LP. In the end, I decided against going that route. The info I found was too contradictory for my liking. I did get put on oral progesterone with the positive test and didn’t have any side effects other than a normal, healthy twin pregnancy. I’d suggest temping to confirm that you do indeed have a LP defect.

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