The Small Victories

This morning, in retaliation for me taking her cup, my daughter very purposefully threw her bowl of homemade blueberry yogurt all over me and the kitchen, effectively ruining my pants and creating an impressive mess.

And I didn’t lose my shit.

Sometimes it’s the small victories.

What small victory are you celebrating this week?

21 responses

  1. Good for you!
    My MIL is here visiting and, considering that every phrase out of her mouth begins with “you need to….something I completely disagree with”, I feel like every time I manage to nod in agreement with her instead of losing my shit I can celebrate a minor victory.

  2. I think not losing my shit, and getting back on track with healthy eating after the holidays, are about where I’m at this week too.

    (thanks for your comment on my blog, btw)

    • Does slowly eating my way through all the chocolate bars we got in our stockings count as getting back on track with healthy eating? Wait, it doesn’t? But I’m making sure they won’t be around to eat later!

      Well done on healthy eating. I’ll get there soon… I hope. 😉

  3. LOL. That’s not a little victory! That’s a big one! EEEK!

    I’m celebrating simply erasing my BILs smug fertile comment on my FB status rather than replying “You are an a**hole and everyone thinks so!”

  4. well done! That is a good one. I used to love reading the K chronicles and his comic on ‘life’s little victories’

    Today I was just really happy that when i decided to try standing at my desk (to help my back) that the PILES of reading material needing to be read and resorted, are the perfect height for raising my keyboard and monitor. That is more of life helping me than me being victorious — but I’ll take it!

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