Time Warp Tuesday: Twelve in ’12

It’s time again, for the Time Warp.

And just in the nick of time! This week’s theme is “the new year” and “resolutions” and I was actually already writing a post about both when Kathy reminded me that the TWT linky was about to open.

I’m not sure if you remember, but last year I presented some ambitious goals around this time and hoped to track my progress with those goals throughout the year. I think I made it to April before I totally dropped the ball on that whole thing. I would consider it a total waste except that I did learn something very valuable – that I can only focus on one or two new things at a time if I really want to accomplish them.

Actually, now that I actually am rereading that post, I see that while I didn’t revisit my resolutions throughout the year, I did accomplish quite a few of my goals. Here’s a quick recap (with the smiley faces I used during my Weekly Resolution Round-ups):

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables on the reg (every day). 😦 🙂 While I don’t do this every day, I do eat way more fresh fruits and veggies than I ever have before.

Exercise at least twice a week (or more). 🙂 🙂 In June I bought a six month membership to a yoga studio and have maintained a 2-3 class a week schedule since then. I’m actually incredibly proud of that.

Put $200-$500 in savings every month. 🙂 🙂 Since I started Second Hand Happiness in April we have saved around $400 a month. I didn’t realize this for a while because it’s all sitting in Mi.Vida’s account but it turns out all our scrimping and saving produced the desired results! This also makes me very proud.

Keep my house clean. 😦 I’m still struggling with this one. While the state of my house is better than it has been, it needs a lot of work.

Practice mindfulness. 🙂 😦 While I’ve really let my study of Buddhism and daily commitment to mindfulness fall by the wayside, I’ve cultivated a wonderful practice of mindfulness during yoga 3-4.5 hours a week.

Make my relationship with Mi.Vida a priority. 🙂 🙂 The past three months of couples counseling has shifted my relationship with Mi.Vida to the front burner and we’re doing better now that we have in a long, long while.

Work on my new (top secret) project at least two hours a week. 😦 😦 Wow, to see that my book was one of my goals an entire year ago is very disheartening. I really hope to make some kind of progress on it this year.

I have to admit, I didn’t really have any intention of making resolutions this year. For the first time in forever I was just going to keep on keeping on with what I’ve been doing. I had plans to stop my medicine and overhaul my diet when we started TTC. I wanted to work on my book. But I wasn’t going to plaster it all over my blog right now in an attempt to actually do it.

But then I saw Keiko’s Living a Fertile Life post last week and I thought huh, I like that. Focusing on one thing each month would allow me to really give that one thing the attention necessary to accomplish it. I also appreciate that each month is dedicated to a different aspect of living a fertile life (nourishment, connection, balance, movement, creation and exploration). I hope that dedicating myself to these “micro-challenges” will infuse this year with greater meaning. It will also give me something to look forward to as the year progresses, something not myred in the complicated emotional baggage of TTC.

So I’m going to do it. I’m going to commit to living a fertile life. And I’m going to do it by focusing on the following each month (thank you Keiko for your considerable inspiration (ie I’m basically robbing some of these) in creating these micro-challenges):

January (Nourishment): Get 7.5+ hours of sleep and eat a solid food breakfast every single morning by 10am. Getting 7.5 hours or more of sleep requires being in bed by 10pm every night (eeek!). I also want to stop relying on Zone bars for breakfast and at least get a cup of oatmeal in me by my first break at school.

February (Creation): Work on my book for at least 15 minutes every day. Whether I am sketching or playing with Photoshop I need so start dedicating time to my book. If I can’t illustrate myself it’s better to know sooner rather than later.

March (Exploration): Create connections and plan outing with my Spanish/English speaking mothers group. More on this when March comes but I want to reach out to some women who are similarly committed to raising Spanish/English bilingual kids.

April (Movement): Go for a walk every day. I hope to rope Mi.Vida into this one. I know he wants to incorporate exercise into his life and this would be a good way to do it.

May (Connection): Spend 15 minutes a day with Mi.Vida. During this month I want to reconnect with Mi.Vida by spending at least 15 minutes a day with him and just him, no chores, no phones, no TV, no other obligations, just the two of us.

June (Nourishment): Put the kibosh on processed food and eat more fruits and veggies. Supposedly this is the month that we start TTC and for that reason I want to stop eating processed foods, cut down on my wheat intake and up the amount of fresh fruits and veggies I get every day.

July (Balance): Meditate and/or practice mindfulness every day. I’ve already cultivated a pretty dedicated yoga practice but I want to practice mindfulness on the days I’m not at yoga. Yin yoga or sitting meditation would be great.

August (Exploration): Bring Spanish language customs into our home. August will be the month Isa starts Spanish immersion preschool and I want to introduce/reinforce what she will be learning at school by creating a Spanish language or cultural tradition in our house every day.

September (Connection): Spend 20-30 minutes of quality time with Isa every day. This will be my first full month back at work full time and I want to make sure I spend at least 20 quality minutes with Isa doing something we both enjoy so we can reconnect after a long and intense day apart.

October (Movement): Spend 20 minutes a day cleaning up. I know this is kind of a cop out but honestly, movement is already a big part of my life and I know at this point in the year the state of my home will be suffering. Plus, cleaning up my house for 20 minutes a day does require I get off my couch and get my butt in gear.

November (Creation): Participate in NaNoWriMo and share some of my book on my blog. What better way to give myself a deadline for at least some progress on my book than a huge blogging commitment?

December (Balance): Embrace spirituality and forgo consumerism. I’d love to spend this month focusing on spirituality instead of consumerism.

I intend to reintroduce what I’m doing at the beginning of each month and then reflect on how well I’m accomplishing my goals at the middle (hopefully) and end (definitely) of each month. Then, at the end of 2011 we’ll see if I feel I’ve lived a fertile life!

8 responses

  1. You did really well with last year’s resolutions!

    I’m glad you are going to focus on your illustrations. And, Keiko’s 12 in 12 seems like a very sane way to handle your goals for next year.

    Go, you!

  2. Congrats for doing so well with your 2011 resolutions, even if you didn’t stick with your reporting/accountability plan (which I love the idea of)! I really like the idea of focusing on one thing each month this year and hopefully in doing so those things will carry over to the other months as you move to the priority for that month. I missed Keiko’s post and will have to go back and read it. It sounds very interesting. Thank you so much for doing the Time Warp again with me this month! Hope you will join me again next time on the 3rd Tuesday (1/17)! 🙂

  3. Yes, I’m impressed at how well you did with your goals for last year. I like the idea of the 12 in 12, but know that I’m too impatient to start everything RIGHT NOW that I wouldn’t be able to wait until the appropriate month for each goal (not to say that I would stick with them, but once I get an idea in my head I’m ready to try it out). I like yours—very focused and intentional.

  4. I like this. It has already got my wheels turning for some ideas of my own. Thank you! I’ll keep watching to see how your year goes. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. I’m impressed with your ambitious list, and your accomplishments from last year! I was going to skip the resolutions thing this year, but I seem to be able to accomplish one thing per year, so perhaps I’ll give it a go. Breaking it into small achievable goals might help.

  6. I was super inspired by Keiko’s post too… great ideas here. Now I have two people inspiring me to get a move on!

    Oh how I wish I had Spanish traditions in my house (though I am now understanding it again, though the poor lady at the bus stop must have been confused when all I did was speak back in bad bad italian, and it took me 20 minutes before I realized I was understanding her Spanish….). But your goal reminded me of a story… a friend used to play at a house where they spoke French upstairs and English downstairs. It was just what they did. It was their own family tradition. My friend said he’d laugh because they’d switch languages when they went up the stairs with him, even though he only spoke one language.

    Best wishes in the new year — sounds like you will be creating some great memories and stories along the way.

  7. You did great in 2011. I like your 12 in 12 resolutions. I’m amazed you’re able to put a timeline out for one year. I’m thinking of joining but would have to figure out the next month at the end of the current one. I do like the idea of focusing on one thing for each month. I tend to flit between projects. Hmm.., something to think about.

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