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  1. she is just adorable! I love seeing pics and vids of your cutie! I also wanted to comment on your post from a couple days ago about the pregnancy announcement bringing on some negative feelings for you. I think you might have been refering to my post…and if so then I really feel bad that I have been insensitive in announcing my pregnancy. I haate that what I write can drum up anxiety and negativity in others. But, I also want you to know that things can “seem” perfect on blogs, relationships, financees, other people’s lives in general. i try to be transparent but its tough to be as open and honest as you are. So, never forget that appearances can be deceiving and you and Mi Vida are not the only ones struggling with many things. My husband and I have a boat load of issues that I certainly don’t talk about on the blog, I’m not averse to talking about our problems but I just post so rarely that I only post most positive things! Anyways, we are feeling vvery blessed right now and hoping for the best for us and for you as well! xo LTB

    • Oh LTB,

      Please know that you have in no way been insensitive. I don’t begrudge you your pregnancy or the way you chose to share it on your blog. Not for one minute. Please know that to be true.

      And I do know that not everyone airs their dirty laundry online like I do. I get that. And I get that it doesn’t meant they don’t have dirty laundry. But I feel it’s safe to assume that you two were in agreement about having another baby, that you can afford to have one and are both excited about your pregnancy. Those basic things are what we lack, what I want so badly. Maybe it’s not as simple as that for you, or for anyone, but I have a feeling that people’s attitudes about it all are very different than the attitudes expressed in this house. That is what makes me so sad. If we had gotten pregnant when our daughter was one my husband would have been miserable. I doubt he’d ever have forgiven me. I’m going to assume that since you sought help to get pregnant that is not the case for you.

      I’m not trying to say that my situation is worse that yours. Far from it. I don’t know what I am trying say exactly, but I know that is not it.

      I guess I just wanted to assure you that I think you’re handling your new pregnancy on your blog beautifully (I think any way you chose to talk about it on your blog is perfect) and that any reactions I have to it are my own. Congratulations again.

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