To my faithful readers

Hello faithful readers (and by faithful I mean those of you that subscribe via WordPress or a reader). As you probably already know I just posted a Time Warp Tuesday post, except that Time Warp Tuesday got postponed this week, so I pulled it. I’ll be putting it up again next week so I hope you can just not read it until then. And if it’s too late and you already read it I hope you can save your thoughtful comments until next Tuesday. And if not, well thanks for reading it in the first place. As always I appreciate it.

Sorry about the confusion.

One response

  1. I am sorry too! It’s my fault. I postponed it until next week. I hope you all don’t mind too much waiting until then to read and/or comment on what I am sure will be a very thoughtful and interesting post by our dear Esperanza. Today/this week has just been crazy and I actually forgot to post (and even write) my Time Warp blog entry. Again, I am sorry and appreciate your patience my friend (and that of your faithful readers too). xoxo

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