Time Warp Tuesday: Comedically “about me”

I’m kind of cheating on today’s post. A lot. My first cheat? It will most likely be posted after midnight PST so unless you’re living in Hawaii, it won’t go up on Tuesday. And second? The post I’m linking to is probably not particularly humorous, but when Mi.Vida read it he said, “it was funny, I chuckled quite a bit” and with that reference (I respect Mi.Vida’s sense of humor very much) I will consider it worth material for today’s Time Warp Tuesday – Comic Relief.

About six months ago I started a new blog. To stoke the fires of interest I published the content of some of the pages of that new blog here (in retrospect, the dismal stats on that blog make it clear the fires of interest were not, in fact, stoked). One page I really enjoyed writing was called The Who of Second Hand Happiness. It was basically an “about me” page but instead of just randomly naming facts I cordoned the information off into sections. The first, called Things you’d learn about me on Match.com {if I were on Match.com even though I’m in a committed relationship and have a daughter}, is pretty dry (as I imagine Match.com to would be) but later sections are (or were intended to be) witty as well as insightful. Later section include: things you’d learn about me on a first date, after the first shag and after I moved in). If you want to take a moment to read it, please do.

My final cheat is on the reflection section of this post (ooh, I like the alliteration there, I must find a way to utilize that somehow) because I still am all of those things. Truly. I have not changed all that much since I wrote that post in late March and I doubt I ever will (or at least I doubt the parts of me I outlined in that post will change – certainly speaking parenthetically has not – nor has my sad attempts at spelling but the miracles that is modern computing keeps you ignorant of that fact). That post describes aspects of my core being that I suspect will never change. And I’m fine with that. In fact, I’m quite proud of who I am, despite my flaws and short comings. Like many products of my generation I think I’m pretty special though I’m self aware enough to realize that not everyone will agree (or will have the time to even weigh in). I also realize that my uniqueness is extraordinary only in that it pertains to everyone (being unique that is). Is this irony? Seriously. I really need someone to explain irony to me in a way I can understand because not knowing is driving me batty.

So yeah. That was me. That still is me. And that makes me happy.

If you were to write an “About Me” what would it say? How would it be presented? Do you think it would always be accurate, or would it require tweaking now and again?

PS – I’m way behind on commenting but please know I will be inflicting my presence on all your posts in the very near future. In the meantime please know that I responded to all of the Blogotopia? comments so if you wrote there, go check out what I wrote back!


2 responses

  1. Another great Time Warp post Esperanza! Thank you for participating again this week! Technically you weren’t “cheating” as I keep the Linky Tools open until Sunday evening, in case anyone wants to jump in later in the week (though they might not get as much traffic and/or connection w/ other participants if they do that, but I would certainly still read and comment). Anyway, so glad you were able to get in under the wire and I laughed a lot reading both your new and old posts. You are a funny gal!

    I laughed about the reference to your spelling ability (or lack there of), but that most of us wouldn’t know that because of the technology that catches most of our mistakes. I am also a pretty bad speller and am amazed how much better that feature makes me look when it comes to that…

    I appreciate and can relate to this statement: “I think I’m pretty special though I’m self aware enough to realize that not everyone will agree.” I am aware of this about myself too and wish that I was able to accept this more in life, as I still try too hard to get anyone and everyone to like me, which is futile, I know.

    I finally did my own “About” page on my blog earlier this year:

    I consider it, like myself, to be a work in progress and intend to add to, edit and tweak it over time.

    Thanks again for doing the Time Warp again with us this week! It was another small group (just Lori, you and me so far), but I still had a lot of fun (especially with the theme of “Comic Relief”) and am grateful for both of your support of and enthusiasm (I spelled it wrong the first time by the way and the correction tool caught it) for this blog hop/writing exercise! xoxo

  2. Love this, both your original post and this retrospective about it. I also like what you said about you being special and unique alongside your awareness that every other person is, too. It’s a paradox I am contemplating, too.

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