Two Quick Things

Hey you all. I have something to confess. I accepted the copy editor responsibilities at Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine. I decided that the opportunity to be a part of a community of local women who a are interested in writing was worth the possibility of added stress. And as many of you mentioned, I can always back out if it becomes too much. I went to their family picnic at the beach last Saturday and we have our first meeting next Monday. I’m feeling very positive about it which leads me to believe it was the right choice for me.

My second confession is also a plea for advice. Today I’m set to turn in the paper work (and considerable deposit) for Isa’s preschool for next fall and I must admit I’m wavering. In so many ways this preschool works great for us. It’s Spanish immersion, which is very important to me. We’re basically guaranteed a spot if we apply now, which saves me a ton of stress for the rest of the year. It’s in a decent location, accessible by a simple (albeit long) light rail ride for Mi.Vida and close to a freeway exit for me. The hours accommodate a full time working schedule and we can afford it. I’ve also heard there is a strong parent community. The vast majority of the reviews I’ve read about it are very positive and the few that aren’t seem to be comments about negative experiences someone’s friend has had (which I find strange – why don’t the people themselves give a negative review if they can do so anonymously?).

My few concerns are minor. The outside play space is not great and has very little to offer a two year old (though I would pick her up before the long outside play hour). The room Isa would be in is not huge but it does have plenty of age appropriate toys and dress up materials. There is a 4 to 1 ration of students to teachers but the women seemed very nice and I liked the way I saw them interacting with the children who were there when I visited.

Basically, it is a nice preschool. It isn’t the best preschool in San Francisco and maybe we could find something else that could work for us (though probably not Spanish immersion), but this seems plenty good enough. Is that a bad attitude to have? That I’m going with it’s just good enough? My gut feeling is good enough is just what it is, good enough. Frankly, with the restrictions that our lives put on us, the fact that it’s Spanish immersion, has long hours, is affordable and accessible seems great. It works for us despite our many restrictions! We should jump on it right?

Isa is a very social little girl. I have great faith that she will flourish wherever she is next year. I have little doubt that she will be happy and well cared for at this preschool. That’s all that matters, right? Not that it’s the absolute best there is.

What do you think? Is good enough good enough? Or should I be searching for the best?

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  1. Oh, I have been in this position! The conclusion that I’ve come to is that no place is ever going to meet your expectations – everyone wants things to be perfect for their little ones. It sounds like a great place. I don’t know how things work in California, but one useful bit of information I wish I’d known before my son started daycare is that here in Mass, you can call the daycare inspector’s office and find out whether there have been any recent complaints against the place you’re considering. I did that recently when my son started preschool, and it eased my mind a lot (having been burnt once before).

  2. go for it! it sounds like it meets the criteria and the most important would be spanish immersion, which i think is fantastic! don’t feel guilty that it may not be the “best”- we are often made to feel guilty for not giving our kids the best, which is really just the most expensive, she will get a lot out of this- and really at the end of the day, it is what you put in, and even with the best sparkliest shiniest facilities and one-to-one teacher ratio, a place could be crap!! So go for it, and don’t waste another second feeling guilty mamacita!

  3. Honestly, I’ve never understood why parents place so much pressure on themselves to send their kids to the “best” school, whatever that really means. Kids will thrive in any environment if their parents are involved. I didn’t go to the best schools, but I still did just as good (if not better) than kids who did because of who I was and the support I got at home. Obviously, I’m not a parent yet, but that’s my two cents.

  4. I think it sounds like you’re already choosing what’s best for Isa and you guys logistically….and I agree with Elphaba a bit…it has everything to do with the parents and the support at home.

    Congratulations on taking the offer! I think that was the right choice! YAY!

  5. I think what’s “best” is also what’s best for your family … and Isa will thrive! You should see _Race to Nowhere_ … that pressure for “best” begins too early, and ends up with kids who are in emotional distress. Loved and happy is what is most important.

  6. Congrats on the GGMG gig! They will totally love you there. And isn’t this the same magazine that had that weird SAHM article in it many months ago? If that’s the case, they NEED you there.

    In VA the department of social services dedicates a portion of its website to the licensing information of child care establishments, included its violations in detail and how they were resolved. I bet CA does the same thing, and it was reassuring to know that the worst violation our chosen center had was that a physical form had been left unsigned by a physician for a kid. You know, not a kid found snacking on lead paint chips. Your child care is just a supplement to what you and MiVida give Isa educationally and socially. It sounds like a good fit.

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