Time Warp Tuesday: Inspirational

It’s Time Warp Tuesday again! Woot! This week’s theme is “hero” and luckily I recently wrote a post about a woman who I consider to be truly inspirational. While I never called her my “hero” in the post, I believe she wears the newly bestowed title well.

If you want to read about my hero, go here.

(You probably should click over there since the rest of this post is about what I wrote in the other post. To make it easier I’ve bolded and italicized the parts about my hero.)

So yeah, J rocks my socks off. She is amazing and I want to be her when I grow up. (And then I want to be Tina Fey, of course). All kidding aside, she is a truly remarkable person and I feel honored and very grateful to have “met” her. I hope some day we can meet in real life and go to yoga together and tell stories over hot tea while anticipating some amazing dish she’s crafted in her kitchen.

To get a better idea of just how amazing J is go read this.

(You really should go read that. It’s a fantabulous piece.)

I wrote in my previous post about J and how she has inspired me to find a new, more positive intention. Unfortunately I have not yet discovered that intention or been able to nuture that positivity. To be fair, I’ve only had two months to make an attempt, and those were the first two months of the school year, never an easy time to exude positivity. I still have hope that I can change the way I see the world, especially if I have J to look towards for advice and guidance.

Thank you J for showing me what is possible. Thank you for supporting me on my journey, no matter where my ramblings lead. And thank you for never giving up on me, even when I just seem to be moving in circles. Knowing that you believe I will move in a more positive direction some day is enough to keep me trying.

I just need to keep trying, right?

I think that’s what my hero would tell me to do.

4 responses

  1. Here from Time Warp Tuesday! Thank you for participating and linking up again this week. I enjoyed reading about one of your heroes and can appreciate why you are so grateful to have her in your life. J sounds like a really incredible woman and I look forward to visiting her blog and reading the post you linked to here.

    I am glad that you commented on how you are doing with setting your “new intention” in this post, as I asked in my comment on your older one this morning how things were going with that. I agree that two months isn’t a very long time, but I also believe that you have the ability and the opportunity to set a new intention every day. Each day can be a new beginning in our lives and a chance to choose our attitude and live differently if we really want to. I know it is so much easier said than done, but I try to remind myself of that when I am feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a funk.

    Thank you so much for doing the Time Warp again this week! 🙂

  2. Wow, E … I *still* hardly know what to say! Except that I am so honored to be thought of this way, that I really am not always as together as it might seem, that I stumble and struggle, too (like about half an hour ago when I totally lost it putting N down for a nap) … and I hope we get to meet in person some day, too! It’s a gift to share this journey with you.

    I’m with Kathy: setting intentions happens every day … which is a good thing considering how flawed we humans are! 🙂

  3. I don’t know if you’ll find this helpful, but I once wrote a post around the intention, “It is my intention to know that I already am all that I seek.”


    It’s a conundrum to set an intention without setting up an expectation, isn’t it?

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