Mindful Mondays Return

I used to do an installment, every once in a while, called Mindful Mondays. In the beginning they were quite frequent but when I added Working Mama Mondays to the mix they kind of fell away.

Spirituality is something I long for in my life. In my quest for a deeper meaning I came across Buddhism and knew immediately that it was a good fit for me. When I was dealing with my ectopic pregnancy and my struggles trying to get pregnant I found a lot of comfort in the teachings of Buddhism, especially in the ideas of mindfulness and acceptance.

Turns out mindfulness can also help me combat the low grade depression I’ve been dealing with. Depression is a complicated disease, one that involves destructive negative thought processes – thought processes we feel we have no control over. By employing mindfulness, I can experience those thought processes for what they are, simple ideas and not nonnegotiable truths. This is the first step in breaking the cycle of negativity and depression.

It’s a simple step but not necessarily an easy one. It will require practice in mindfulness. The foundation for that practice is meditation. This is always where my search for spirituality has stalled. Meditation requires time and commitment in my busy life; it’s so very easy to set that practice aside for more urgent commitments like laundry and dishes.

It’s obvious that I can’t set it aside any longer. It’s obvious that I need to make this commitment a priority. I know that it might be hard but I also know the rewards could be great. Finding the time to go to yoga three times a week is no easy feat, but I’ve found that practice to be incredibly positive to both my mental and emotional health. I didn’t realize how positive it was until, in the past two weeks, I was barely able to go. Last night an hour and a half of yoga was able to sooth the extreme disappointment of the weekend and leave me feeling refreshed and energized. Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice for me, one that has it’s roots in mindfulness.

I have no doubt that mindfulness can help me move past this depression. I’m equally as sure that meditation is required to build my mindfulness muscles. I will no longer allow other priorities to crowd out a meditation practice. Just ten minutes a day can, and will, do me real good. I intend to explore this experience on the recently renewed Mindful Mondays.

I hope you’ll join me.

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