Wordless Wednesdays: Last Day of Summer – Looking Back

It’s officially my last day of summer break. Here are a couple of recent pictures to remember this amazing time with my daughter.

Waiting for the grizzly bears to come out and eat.

I love me a nakid baby in a bath tub (as long as she’s not surrounded in poop).

My little Cupie doll.

Yeah. That.

Enjoying the Discovery Museum.

My little fashionista. You can’t see it but she’s wearing a jean skirt.

One morning we woke up to this: Isa had somehow moved her crib 2ft from the wall.


Oh no you didint!

Isa as a peacock, Part Tres. (See also Part I and Part Deux.)

After my baby food pouches post I tired to make my own for Isa using a baby bottle nipple that I cut off. It worked pretty well!

One day I was lying on the floor in Isa’s playroom and Isa toddled over and lay down next to me, putting her head next to mine. I could hardly contain myself.

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