14 Months

Dear Isa Bear,

You are already 14 months old! I can’t believe we celebrated your first birthday two months ago. The summer has flown by. In fact, it’s flown by so fast that I didn’t manage to write your 13 month post. I’m sorry about that. I’m wondering if a post every two months might be better at this point anyway.

So much has happened in the past two months. Right before your first birthday you started standing up. At first it was just for a few seconds here and here (and you were pretty shaky) but now you are up all the time. You can stand steadily for very long periods and you can clap and bounce and dance without falling. In the past weeks you’ve even taken some steps without falling! Your first steps were on your father’s birthday. He was so proud. I’ve only seen you take three or four little steps but today, at your Grammy and Gramps’ house you took eight steps! You tottered all the way across the rug! I wish I had been there to see it. I’m so proud of you. You’re working so hard to be moving on two feet. I’m sure by the time next month you’ll be walking all over the place.

You’re talking a lot now too. You say Mama and Dada all the time. I swear you call your favorite llama stuffed animal Lama or sometimes Lala. You’ve even started saying Lucy Poochone’s name. Most of the time you chatter in your own language. It’s adorable because the words are made up but your intonations are spot on. I’m constantly wondering what you think you’re saying to us (or to yourself). You are such a chatty bears and I love to watch you gab on and on to no one in particular.

You play so well with yourself. You’ve very independent. Some of your favorite games involve throwing books off the shelves and throwing stuffed animals out of your toy box (do you detect a theme?) You actually love reading books as much as you loved throwing them. You can sit alone and flip through books for hours. You turn the pages very well now and you’re always running your hands over the pictures to make sure there isn’t something fun to feel. You ADORE the “reveal” books, as your father calls them, but you’ve pulled so many of the flaps off we’ll soon have none left. There is almost no where left to look for poor Spot and we know where all of baby’s body parts are now.

You and I have a couple of fun games we play. You love when I put your blankie over my face and pretend to sleep until you wake me up. You also love when I tickle you. I know all your sweet spots and I can get you rolling on the floor. Your laughter is just about my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

What other tricks have you learned lately? You can feed yourself better now and you’re no longer intolerant of sticky or slimy food, which has opened many doors. You’re still not great at getting things in your mouth but you keep trying! One thing you love to do is cram your mouth full of stuff and then let it all fall out again. It’s very attractive. You’re also drinking out of a sippy cup, one with a straw. You haven’t quite figured out how to put it back on the table, or you have but you just enjoy dropping it on the floor over and over again. I’m beginning to suspect it’s the latter.

We recently moved you from your big Stokke chair to a booster with a tray because you wouldn’t stop putting your feet on the table. I must admit, your tenacity is impressive. I’ve been pushing your feet down and moving you out of the table’s reach for MANY months and you just keep plopping them up there. I finally had to declare you the victor and get you a whole new chair. I have a feeling this is not the last battle you will win.

In a few weeks I got back to work. You’ll be spending the mornings with Gramps at his house. They have a whole room set up for you with tons of toys and books. You are a very lucky girl. I am very excited to be coming home at lunch to pick you up. I hope we have many grand adventures during our afternoons together.

I love you so much Isa. You are such a surprising, interesting, comical little bear. You make every day worth living and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for all you’ve already taught me; I look forward to learning so much more.

Love, Mama

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