Thoughtful Thursdays: I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that little head of hers.

When she looks at something so intently.

When she follows her father until he disappears around the corner and she cranes her neck to keep him in view.

We shared so much of ourselves for that short time, it’s hard to remember that she’s truly her own person now.

¿En qué piensas mi amor? What are you thinking my love?

En algo maravilloso, ¿no? I bet it’s something wonderful.

(This post brought to you by (what I anticipate to be) a pretty awesome post that is not yet ready (but will be posted next week), a tree-trimming truck and a very curious little girl).

6 responses

  1. Awe, this was such a sweet post…I would be amazing to know what goes on in their heads wouldn’t it?!
    FYI, Ian and I have already began reading Winnie the Pooh together and are loving every minute of it:)

    • I wonder what is going on in her head all the time. Especially when she’s “talking”. What are you trying to say little one?

      So glad you’re enjoying Winnie the Pooh!

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