Working Mama Mondays: The Happiest Mom

I would consider myself a happy mother. I’m feel incredibly fulfilled by my daughter’s presence in my life. She is an amazing gift that I’m thankful for every day. But I will admit to struggling in this new role of “mom,” especially as a working outside the home mother. I struggle with many of the challenges other mothers are faced with: keeping the house clean and laundry folded, maintaining a strong relationship with my partner, cultivating friendships, finding time for myself. Sometimes I feel positively overwhelmed by the day to day existence of being a mother; I recognize I could use some tips on how strip my days of stress and infuse them with idyllic happiness.

I don’t remember how I started following Meagan Francis on Twitter but somehow it happened. Soon after I started reading her posts on her blog and when she asked if any bloggers wanted a free copy of her new book, The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood I raised my hand (via Tweet) and said, yespleasethankyouvermuch. A couple of months later the book was forced through my mail slot and I began to read. Before I could very far I thought it might be fun to make it a project. So for the next ten weeks I will be reading a chapter every Monday and trying to integrate the suggestions into my own life. Hopefully by the time school starts again (and we start TTC #2 – eek!) I’ll be a less stressed and more positive mom. While this project is going on Working Mama Mondays will be transformed into The Happiest Working Mama Mondays.

The first tip is to Aim Low and Go Slow. This is perfect advice for a road trip to San Diego, which we have planned for this Thursday through Sunday. The whole chapter is about being patient and having realistic expectations of everyone around you, including yourself. If I can manage that I just might make it through packing us up, driving us down, negotiating with friends in LA, staying with other friends in San Diego and powering 10 hours back home without wanting to kill my partner, myself or any of my flaky college friends. Next Monday I will let you know how it goes in the first ever Happiest Working Mama Mondays.

(I want to make clear that while the books was sent to me free of charge the author did not ask me to mention the book on my blog or do any kind of promotion. This was my own idea and I hope it will be useful for me and my readers!)

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