I realized that I didn’t announce this trip, or my absence from the blogoshpere, very well. I planned to write a post on Friday but it was just so busy. I wanted to at least tell people that I’d be away and I would be reading posts but probably not commenting and that I would be thinking of everyone, even in my absence.

I’m now at my aunt’s house with Isa. My cousin is also here, with her ten month old daughter. We’re trying to do a series of fun outings with the girls but the weather is not cooperating and the rain threatens to keep us inside all day. It’s exhausting to monitor the two very mobile, very active little ones who are drawn to safety threats like a massive, wobbly flat screen TVs and uncarpeted stairs. I never realized how much piece of mind my little play space afforded me until it was gone.

At night I’m sleeping in a room with Isa. We both have a cold. Neither of us is getting much rest. My throat has been on fire and my nose is a cement block. I’m assuming Isa feels better than I do because she is in relatively good spirits, all things considered. Still, the sickness wears on us both and we don’t have the energy or enthusiasm we would otherwise.

I don’t really want to come here and recite the happenings of our days. I don’t really feel that urge driving me to write. Honestly, I don’t feel much of an urge at all. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on vacation or with family or just away from home but I am not at all inspired to post something. I’m writing this more out of a self-imposed feeling of obligation than anything else.

I feel like I should want to write about all that has happened lately. About finishing the school year and starting my two month stint as a wanna-be stay at home mom. I suspect there is a post in my daughter’s first birthday party, and how stressful it seemed and how it felt like such a disaster, everyone standing around shivering from the cold. But also how different and special it seemed for friends to come out in celebration of our daughter,  how it felt distinct from when they come out in celebration of me and Mi.Vida.

I recognize there is fodder for many a vaguely interesting post but I can’t seem to find it in me to write them. Maybe when I get home. Maybe when I have some time to myself (ha! when will that be?!) Maybe then I will write.

Until then I apologize for my absence, both here and in your comment sections. I will be home Saturday and will resume contact with the blogging world then.

3 responses

  1. You sound exhausted- I hope the trip turns around, the weather gets better and both of you get to feeling better! I totally understand the lack of motivation to write- I’ve been stuck in a blogging rut for a few weeks now. I do hope you post pictures and a recap of Isa’s party though- I would love to see the birthday girl! I got the book in the mail today- thank you SO much!

  2. I’ve been feeling the same lack of motivation lately … like I don’t have anything really good to write. Didn’t Mel say something about the crickets online a few posts back?

    Safe travels … I hope you and Isa are feeling better soon!

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