So What Wednesdays: The (Triumphant?) Return

So what if…

… I haven’t done So What Wednesday in ages.

… I was almost two weeks late in posting Isa’s 11 month letter.

… I bribed my 5th period students with free time to help me clean my room – and there was no time left to teach them anything.

… I’m really not looking forward to Open House tonight (and am not putting up any work).

… I should be cleaning my classroom right now.

… I had to put our winter blanket back on the bed for the third time this Spring. (Seriously, though, WTF, it’s May 18th people!)

… Isa has been eating varying combinations of the same seven meals for lunch and dinner for two months.

… My house is already messy again after it the thorough cleaning it got before Mother’s Day (that’s right, I cleaned it before Mother’s Day).

… I forgot my phone at home today (this actually really annoyed me).

… I’m going to cut this short because I really do need to clean up my classroom right now. For realsies this time.

What are you saying So What to today?

4 responses

  1. So what if I drove 30 miles to a playgroup today that I could only stay an hour

    So what if during naptime today instead of doing anything productive I lay in bed and watched DVRd shows that I can’t seem to stay awake to watch in the evenings

    So what if for dinner tonight I plan on having raw cookie dough and maybe an egg sandwich

  2. year, what happened with all this global warming hysteria? I am in Toronto. Same thing – cold and rainy. My friends in Moscow, Russia – the same thing. Cold and rainy. Seriously. Bring on summer!

    • I’m so sick of the cold rain. It feels like November here. I believe they’ve stopped calling it Global Warming and are now calling it Climate Change because while the overall average temperature of the Earth is rising, many places are experiencing colder weather as the winds shift. I remember reading a long time ago that global warming could cause all of North America to become a giant ice shelf. I hope not!

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