11 Months

(All pictures and movies included in this post are from my SIL’s amazing blog).

Isa, please forgive me for being over a week late in writing your 11th month letter. You turned 11 months the day before Mothers Day, which was a crazy grandmother-centric extravaganza that left little time for me to do what I wanted. Needless to say the work week went by and I hadn’t written to you.

I can’t miss this letter because the last month has been so insane. You have grown so much, learned so much, changed so much. I would hate to not have a record of it for posterity.

In the past four (I guess it’s really five) weeks you finally started to crawl. You don’t do it much but now when you need to get somewhere you can get there, face first! You have a tough time on the hardwood floors, which are too slippery, but you can crawl pretty well on the mats in your playroom or the carpets and rugs at your grandparents houses. You don’t ever take more than five of six “steps” before you collapse dramatically onto your tummy but you can do it when you want to. Usually you don’t want to though. What you want to do is stand.

Isa Bear, you LOVE to stand. You pull yourself up everywhere, on the gate in the playroom, in your crib, at the park, on the toy shelves. At first you were very shaky but now you can stand with one hand and throw things around with the other. And man do you love to throw things around. you can trash that playroom in five minutes flat. Literally. You pull your two little boxes out and just grab toys, one by one, flinging them around the room. You can free a bookshelf of its burden in even less time. It’s truly remarkable how quickly you have every board book we own strewn around across the floor.

All this standing and crawling has been getting into the way of your sleeping. It takes you about an hour (sometimes two!) to fall asleep now. Sometimes you don’t take a nap at all. When daddy and I going in to check on you you’re just standing up at the side of your crib, screetching happily (unless you’ve tossed your binki overboard, a very new and particularly annoying trick). I’ve heard this happens when babies become mobile but it’s been weeks now and shows no sign of stopping. I hope it does – you’re expending so much energy now, I know you need your rest.

You also need to eat and you do so with gusto. You’ve learned to feed yourself small solids and revel in the independence of popping puffs into your mouth. There are many casualties and dozens of puffs sacrifice themselves on the kitchen floor but they do so for an honorable cause. My little girl is learning to feed herself! I’m just impressed you can handle a puff on your tongue without gagging – that is a feat in and of itself! Even in your chair you’re on the move. You push yourself away from the table, putting your feet up like a college student on the couch. It’s hysterical, though we can’t let you keep doing it, it’s not very nice manners you know.

All this moving also makes it much harder to change your diaper. You get so fussy when we lay you on your changing table; I have to resort to belly-raspberries, peekaboo, finger munching and the binki-stealing game just to keep you from crying. Sometimes I think you’re fussy just so I’ll play with you. On more than one occasion you’ve been lauging at me while crying (only you could pull this off so effortlessly). You love to get your belly raspberried and you think it’s hilarious when I suck on your binki and you grab it out of my mouth. You always hand it back for me to play the game again and again, until you decide that you actually want it and you greedily pop it in your own mouth. Lately I’ve been munching on your fingers and toes, which you think is ridiculous, especially if I ramp up the sound effects (nom, nom, nom, nom). A good snorting noise goes a long way with Small Bears.

As for noises, you make quite a few yourself. You’re even starting to say “ma ma” and “da da” AND associate them with me and your father. This is very exciting indeed! You seem to have a whole range of new consonants though we hear most only sparingly. Your go-tos are mama, dada, baba, and gaga. I swear sometimes you try to say “gatita” but it’s probably just me.

Buddhism teaches that our children don’t belong to us; we are only stewards guiding them through life. I feel so honored to be your guide and I know you will show me as much, if not more about the world, than I will show you. I only hope I can be the patient, thoughtful, compassionate mother that you deserve.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I promise to honor the amazing gift of your presence each and every day.

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  1. LOVE seeing the updates! Isn’t it amazing? 11 Months!! She is precious, adorable, lovable as always. I think we’re dealing with a lot of the same stuff. Jack loves to stand and throw things. He’s finally getting better about some more solid stuff, though he still hates chunks in his purees and will spit them out and/or gag on them. Puffs are cool (we sacrifice a *lot* of cheerios and puffs! I’m sure restaurants just LOVE us…), bits of fruit or whatnot are great, but NO chunks in a puree. Oh, well. Both boys also seriously protest diaper changes. I get by with handing them (well-sealed) bottles of lotion or spray containers, etc., or rolled up socks, but even still, Henry growls at me sometimes when I try to keep him from flipping over. GROWLS. Sigh.

    Anyhow, sorry I’ve been so absent from the comment section lately. It’s been ridiculously hard to find the time and energy to comment as I feel I need to, but please, please do know that I’ve been reading along. (I had a comment for you re. the not-ttc post, and felt terrible that you didn’t get the feedback you needed on that post– I really wanted to say something, but we were in communication with another blogger re. the disposition of our embryos and I needed to tell her about our decision first before I made any public reference to our future family plans. We are in a permanent non-ttc, thanks to my tubal ligation, though we are tentatively considering going back for our totsicles at some point. The idea of getting back on the TTC wagon scares the daylights out of me. Really. )

    Anyhow, I’m sorry Monday was such a bitch this week. And I love seeing your photos of Isa and watching her grow. And I know from seeing H’s reaction how difficult it can be when your child rejects you in preference for another caregiver. I have read many times over that babies definitely go through a phase where they prefer the one with whom they spend the most time, and H has caught the brunt of that many, many times. The boys light up when they see him, but if I try to actually hand them to him, they arch their backs and scream or try to squirm away from him. It’s hard. And it sucks that Isa is going through this and that it’s hurting you. I hope it ends soon (I know it will end soon. You are a terrific and loving mother to her, and she cannot help but feel that, I know.).

    So. One giant comment does not make up for a long term lack of commenting, but I hope it can maybe make up for it just a little! Take care, friend. I am thinking of you, even if I don’t say it often enough.

    • Isa is really hating diaper changes too. Sometimes she starts fussing as we walk to her room. It’s not good. She also loves bottles of lotions and stuff. Right now her brush is a big draw – letting her play with a brush is the only way I can comb her hair, which gets quite tangly. Don’t worry about not commenting – you’re mothering twins! I can’t even imagine. Isa is ALL OVER THE PLACE now. One minute she’s crawling, the next she’s standing, then she’s falling, then she’s rolling over, then standing, then crawling. It’s constant. I don’t know how she has energy for it all. I can’t even imagine having TWO doing that all day! Man oh man!

      I hope all is well with you. So good to hear from you!

  2. I know these 11 months have just zipped by for you! Somedays 11mos feels like a lifetime away for Arlo, but then to realize he’s almost 5 months now and in just the blink of an eye…

    Isa is a total doll, E. Can’t wait to see all the new discoveries she will make in the near future!

    • Thanks T. She is pretty cute. You know, it will go so fast with Arlo. It feels like just yesterday Isa was barely sitting up and we were so stoked when she played with her toys in a significant way. Now she plays with EVERYTHING all the time. She chooses her own toys, literally takes them off the shelves. They grow so much in the first year it’s totally insane. I can’t imagine what will happen next year. People are right – the days are long but the years go by fast. We really do need to cherish every moment.

  3. So. Incredibly. Cute. She so full of spark and fun … I can tell what a joy it must be to be with her as she’s entering this new phase of discovering the world! šŸ™‚ I suspect that she will not be long for the “crawling” phase. Put your sneakers on, mama! šŸ˜‰

    • I know! She is already standing up constantly and wants to be standing up all the time. She’s not so enthused about crawling, it’s more a means to an end. I think she will be walking before I know it. I can’t really fathom that but I couldn’t fathom so much of what she’s doing now just a few months ago. It’s amazing to watch her grow and change!

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