Oh it’s good to be home.

After what amounts to almost two weeks away from blogging and commenting I’m feeling very lonely and isolate indeed. I’ve read so many amazing posts in the last week and have so much to say in response to them. Plus it’s ICLW and I haven’t even loaded the page yet. I need to get started commenting!

I want to write about our very nice trip to Tucson but I haven’t much time. So I shall post some pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway right?

Isa was a real trooper, despite the fact that she only got a fraction of her usual sleep.

Isa enjoyed the barrage of chain restaurants more than we did.

I had way too much fun putting Isa (and myself) in summery clothes.

Isa felt like a very big girl sitting in her trolley at the Desert Museum (which was more like a zoo).

Jungly Tails was a life saver again and again. So many meltdowns averted.

Tutu bathing suit = Exquisite cuteness

I had way too much fun with this outfit. I can’t believe how much fun I have dressing my daughter in frilly, fancy pink.

We went swimming in a creek one day. That thing on Isa’s head is a safari sun hat (courtesy of her grandfather) with the bill flipped up for the picture.

Recovering after her swimming adventure.

Isa is so much fun right now. All I have to do is smile at her and she cracks up. I love it.

Such a sweetheart.

The whole point of the trip was for Isa to meet her great grandfather (and vice versa). It’s so amazing to see four generations of one family together like this.

We were all so happy to be home, despite trading the wonderful warm sun of Tucson for the incredibly cold winds of San Francisco.

7 responses

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, and so are you. I can’t believe how old she is looking. She is so big! Great pictures. The summer outfits are precious. I love her smile.

  2. I swear she is getting cuter every time you post pictures!!! Love, love, love her adorable little outfits, I can see how you had fun dressing her in them, it made me smile just seeing how adorable & happy she looked in them! Sounded like a fantastic trip, hope you’re all settling back into your routines at home.

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