Tootin’ My Own Horn Tuesday: The New Order

I know I promised you a Tootin’ My Own Horn Tuesday and I guess I’m giving you one, even though (most) all of you will see it on Wednesday.

I’m getting this post up late because I’ve re-prioritized my life and blogging is now taking a back seat to other things like family and organization and sleep. It’s definitely a new order for me but I expect it will provide me with the balance I’ve been seeking.

But I digress.

Back to congratulating myself for my accomplishments.

This week I’m tootin’ my own horn because I created a child-safe play room for Isa. Her playroom doubles as the office and before all the office furniture was interspersed with the playroom furniture. This meant that, left to her own devices, Isa might end up under the desk next to the power strip. Not a great place for a curious baby.

Last week I pushed all the office furniture to one side of the room and all the playroom pieces to the other. Then I put up a gate in between them, separating the office side from the playroom side. Of course 2/3s of the furniture is now on one half of the room but that’s okay; we can still use the desks and get to the book shelf (hypothetically). The best part is that now Isa has one side of the room all to herself – and it’s free of cords and electrical outlets and anything else she shouldn’t be playing with. The little closet is still open (it doesn’t have a door) but I’ve stacked stuff in front of it and for now it keeps her out. I bought a cheapie door gate but of course none of the door frames in my house are straight enough to use it so I guess I’ll give it to my in-laws for when Isa’s with them next year. I don’t know what I’ll do to “shut” that closet up but I’ll figure it out eventually (any tips would be greatly appreciated).

Anyway, here is new playroom in all it’s glory.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have this space for Isa to play. My daughter can entertain herself alone with her toys for an absurdly long time. Now that I know she’s safe in there I can get things done around the house while checking in on her every now and again. It’s great.

The rest of our house will be considerably harder to baby proof but right now at least we have one spot where Isa can play safely.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow morning and am not sure how frequently I’ll be able to post. I do play on catching up on my reader and commenting when I can, though that might be from my iPhone and god knows I’m crap at typing on that thing. Autocorrect is such a blessing and a curse.

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

7 responses

  1. Such an awesome play space for Isa! And WTG on the organizing! I just realized that we seriously have some more stuff to do before we can really call ourselves baby-proofed (though I have heard that it’s basically a constant, ongoing process as babies learn new skills… like CLIMBING ON THE DAMN COUCH. And JUMPING OFF THE DAMN COUCH. Ugh. Life just got that much harder!)

    You asked for solutions re. the closet, and I, too, have horribly uneven door frames (hooray for seventy-three year old houses!). I know you aren’t purchasing new stuff, but you might be able to find a gate something like this one:
    It is connected to the wall with four tension screws that can each be adjusted to different lengths, so that the top can be a different width than the bottom, for example. We bought some other gates on closeout at Big Lots and ended up returning them and buying three of these. Considering that similar ones I found at Target were $70 each (no thank you), I felt like it was a real steal at $30 each.

    Of course, the bigger “steal” would have been if I had just taken the time to look at some local consignment shops to try to find used ones, but I fully admit to becoming a convenience shopper, something my DIY heart is sad to admit.

    Anyhow, LOVE the new space, and glad you’re back with your new priorities/order/etc.!

  2. I just love it!!!! It’s so organized and colorful!!!! Where did you get those mats? I want some!!!! I can’t wait to meet Isa someday.

  3. Looks great! Just a warning. We have the same superyard gate and it’s not designed to be extended straight. The boys quickly figured that just a little pressure and it will collapse apart at the joints and they were in our not-at-all-baby-proofed office area (similar to your setup actually). We just anchored it with zip ties to the handle of a toy chest so they couldn’t pull it over. That is until they figured out how to scale the sides….

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