So What Wednesdays: Lots

So what if…

… yesterday I posted a Wordless Wednesday post.

… I’m still wearing maternity tops.

… I caved and gave Isa a bottle this morning at 4:30am only to realize when I was feeding her that she was upset because she had been sleeping in her own filth (and now has another horrific rash).

… I’m writing this now (6:37am) because I’m worried I’ll forget all the great “what if’s” I thought of in the shower.

… I’m already starting to forget those “what if’s”.

… the “slimming” undershirt I bought is uncomfortably tight but doesn’t contain my bulges (and can’t be returned).

… my house is a total wreck right now.

… every weekend day in April is already scheduled to the max.

… we got take out yet again last night.

… I’ve been buying some stuff before my moratorium on buying more stuff starts this Friday.

… I wish I could buy more more stuff but I don’t have time.

… I started my period this morning. Blerg.

… I haven’t done any grading since report cards went out. Three weeks ago.

… I hate my hair so much I can’t look at myself in the mirror but I won’t get it shaped into something decent because I’m only a half inch from being able to put it up again and I want that soooooooo bad.

… I know I’m forgetting some of those great “what ifs” but I’m just going to publish this anyway right now.

What are you saying “so what” to today?

6 responses

  1. If you don’t have time to go shopping- there’s always online!

    So what if I’m about to pour myself a glass of wine to go along with my turkey sandwich. My kid got shots this morning- I need it!

  2. So what…if I’ve been putting Arlo in disposable dipes all day because I know he is due for a mega shit today and I don’t want to clean a massively poo’ed cloth diaper?

    Also, I am still wearing maternity pants. Even though I have other pants that fit. They are COMFORTABLE. I still sleep in some of my maternity tops too because they make for easy night nursing.

    And forgive me for picking on you ;), but shopping before your moratorium is CHEATING! 🙂 🙂 Actually, I thought of you this morning when the batteries died in Arlo’s swing… I wondered, “What would E do if this happened to her next month and she didn’t have any batteries on hand?” I wondered you might be able to barter with for some batteries. Like, “Hey Mom, can you bring me some batteries to school in exchange for these adorable pictures of Isa?”

    • Thanks for reminding me that I have to stock up on batteries! I actually haven’t bought very much at all this week. I’m kind of surprised. I don’t really have it in me, I don’t know why. It might be because I’m still 10-15lbs over weight so I don’t want to buy clothes. And we’re in between seasons so I’m not yet aware what nice spring shoes I’ll want in a few weeks. The Ugg knit boats I’ve been lusting after would be an imprudent purchase when nice weather is around the corner.

  3. So what if…the kids and I haven’t left my bed since 7:30 AM except for meals?
    And I’ve let them watch Dora the Explorer the whole time?

    (They’re sick…but still.)

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