I just went on a three mile run and I have to say, I feel FAN-fucking-TASTIC! I really do.

I need to exercise. It keeps me sane. I truly think that some of the difficulty I had while TTC and being pregnant had to do with how little I’ve exercised the past few years.

In my early twenties I worked out all the time. Like 4-6 times a week all the time. Like I only read books on the Pre-Cor all the time. Like I went to yoga every Saturday morning and ran many nights a week and climbed with my sister and my mom all the time.

I’ve ran one marathon and ridden in over five centuries (100 mile road bike rides).

I used to be an exerciser.

And then I met Mi.Vida and he didn’t exercise and so I didn’t exercise and I let it fall by the way side.

That is the one thing I like less about myself in my relationship with him – that I don’t work out, ever.

But that is about to change. I’m going to start running again.

I hope to run with Isa but currently my running stroller is veering strongly to the left when I lock out the front wheel. They sent me a new front wheel but it is still veering left. I don’t know what happens now – they send me a whole new stroller?

I was actually really upset about it this morning. I had waited a week and a half for that wheel and it finally came and it didn’t do shit. I was pissed.

But then I put Isa down for her nap and went out anyway and it felt great. Really, really great. Super great. Fabulously great. Amazingly great.

And that is how I know I need to start running again. Because I left a frustrated, fuming fool and I returned an ecstatic, enthusiastic woman.

This feels so good.

I can’t wait to go again.

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  1. I SO know that feeling! The first thing I did after being “released” from my OB’s care at six weeks was to take a nice, long run. And GOD, it felt so fantastic! I’ve managed to run all of twice since then. Timing is just bad, schedule is hard– I’m an indoor/treadmill runner due to allergies/asthma issues–, so I can’t just pop out while the boys nap (the treadmill is loud, plus I prefer listening to music quite loudly, so not conducive to napping babies!). Anyhow, I have a hundred excuses as to why I’m not running (first, it was my milk supply, which was dipping when I exercised too much, and now, it’s my back, plus the fact that I need asthma meds, which I can’t take while BFing).

    ANNNYHOW, all of that is just to say that I know exactly how you feel right now (unlike your super-preggo colleague, I think I can relate pretty well!). That euphoria of taking your body back for a little while, doing something that feels so good, that has such long-lasting good effects– it’s just a feel-good-all-around kinda thing! For me, running was always my way of taking my body back, of acknowledging all of the brokenness, all of the illness, all of the damage, and just pounding the pavement, working my body into blissful submission. AH.

    I hope you’re able to get the stroller fixed and working better so you can get out and run more!

  2. I LOVE that feeling! I used to work out a ton too, and I can’t wait til I can feel that endorphin rush from a nice run again after baby is here 🙂 Keep on running !

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