Every year I basically have the same New Year Resolutions. And so does the rest of America. Eat better. Exercise. Keep my house clean. Save some money. It’s so boring and obvious. I’m also like most people in that I focus on them for a few weeks and then sweep them under the bed with my gym card, my credit card bills and all the laundry I’m avoiding.

So this year my resolution is to actually keep checking in on my goals for the year. Every week (or two) I will spend a weekend post updating myself (and all of you lucky readers) on how I’m doing with my goals. Hopefully, by forcing myself to follow through with the follow through I will not let my goals flounder like I have so many times before. So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2011, in no particular order.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables on the reg (every day). I feel so lame admitting this, but there are days when nary a fruit or vegetables touch my lips and many days when all my fruits and vegetables come in the forms of soups or sauces.

First steps: We’re still getting the CSA box so lots of organically and locally grown veggies there. I will also grab more berries to put into my yogurt or oatmeal at work every morning.

Exercise at least twice a week (or more). I used to exercise almost every single day. Now I can go weeks or months without even walking at a brisk pace. I want to find a nice place in between. I hope to at least walk briskly twice to three times a week. I’d be thrilled if I were running that much.

First steps: I have my running stroller ready to go and I’ve been breaking in my new tennis shoes with a few brisk walks. I plan on walking Wednesdays and Fridays when I get home and one weekend day. I also plan to start running one time a week.

Put $200-$500 in savings every month. This one seems impossible but I really, really, REALLY need to get my finances in order. I need to stop spending so much. I need to start paying off my student loans. I need to start contributing more to family bills. I need to do so much more to make my life financially viable. I feel like I’m sinking in quicksand if I don’t get out soon I will die.

First Steps: I downloaded two finance apps onto my iPhone. One actually has access to all my online accounts and tells me how much I’m in the red every month. The second allows me to input expenses so I can track how much I’m spending where.

Keep my house clean. If you read this past Confessional Friday Post this one will make perfect sense. I already have to keep the common rooms (i.e. all rooms but my bedroom) looking presentable for my SIL during the week. I’m also hiring a cleaning woman once a month to do a deep clean (my MIL is paying for this for us, and I am very grateful).

First Steps: I’m making a schedule for light cleaning and laundry during the week. I’ve requested the cleaning service recommendation from my SIL.

Practice mindfulness. I want to do yin yoga at least two times a week. I want to read works by Buddhist authors. I want to practice being in the present moment with my daughter. I want to write Mindful Monday Posts. So much I want to do here and so easy to let it fall by the wayside.

First Steps: Schedule days to do Yin Yoga and/or sitting meditation.

Make my relationship with Mi.Vida a priority. This one will be tricky to write about because it involves relations of the private variety. But besides the obvious, intimate ways, I want to reconnect with Mi.Vida, I also want to share in his interests and enjoy his company.

First Steps: We both have copies of Baby Makes Three and plan to read it and discuss it together. We also have some other plans in the works that I won’t speak of here. 😉

Work on my new (top secret) project at least two hours a week. This one I’m keeping under wraps for right now. Frankly I feel kind of silly pursuing this dream of mine but now that I’m done with graduate school and I’m coming to some realizations about how I can be happy professionally, I feel I owe it to myself to at least give this a try. As I become more confident about this final goal I will tell you all more about it. Until then, you’ll just have to be patient.

First Steps: I bought some informative books on Amazon and look forward to reading them when they arrive.

I know this is a lot of goals but the truth is I’ve always had them and will always have them and they continue to be works in progress. My resolution is to actually check in every week or two to see if I’m actually making any progress on reaching them. Hopefully I will, probably I won’t. We shall see.

4 responses

  1. These are wonderful goals. I see you as a very goal oriented person, and I’ll bet you will be very proud of yourself this year. I love them all. I have a guess about your secret goal. Maybe you’ll drop a few hints? But I think I know what it is 🙂

  2. Great resolutions! I was never one for making resolutions in the past (last year was the first time for me), but I think that it’s a good way to press the “reset” button for the new year.

  3. Here from the future via Time Warp Tuesday! I love this: “Hopefully, by forcing myself to follow through with the follow through I will not let my goals flounder like I have so many times before.”

    Great idea to stay accountable throughout the year! I think having some way to be accountable is so key. I didn’t remember to share this in my TWT post today, but my sister, a friend and I have a shared Google Doc that we use to help each other be more accountable for our goals for the year. In the past we just used it to track weight loss and exercise, but this year we expanded it to include meal planning and housekeeping. Maybe I will write a separate post about accountability and how it helps us stick to our resolutions.

    I also really like how for each resolution you made that you included your “first steps” to help you get going!

    Heading back to the future now to read the rest of your new post and see how you did with these in 2011! 🙂

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