Happy 101 Award

I’ve been given the Happy 101 Award! I’m so thrilled. I have to admit, I sometimes wonder if anyone ever reads my blog. I don’t get many comments (especially considering some get dozens and dozens on a daily basis) and that is okay, but it makes me wonder if anyone is reading or if it’s worth while for other people (it will always feel worthwhile for me). Then I get something like this and it really makes me feel good. So thank you so much to Patiently Waiting! You really made my weekend!

I’ve been told to list 10 things that make my day. The second stipulation is I must send this on to ten other bloggers. Both will be done in due time…

10 THINGS THAT MAKE MY DAY (as they come to me)

1. Cuddling up with Mi.Vida when we go to sleep.

2. My apartment after the cleaning lady comes.

3. The feeling of finishing a grad school paper.

4. Eating out or ordering in, especially good Chinese, Thai, and Mexican.

5. Curling up on my bed or the sofa with my super snuggie and a good book.

6. Soaking my feet with YogaToes.

7. MASSAGES!!! They are the BEST- THING – EVER!

8. Reading and responding to blogs. Also writing and getting responses to my blog.

9. Hot showers in the morning. Every morning I try to be consciously grateful of the fact that I have clean, hot, running water.

10. Long walks in the sunshine.

On to part two. I’m supposed to send this to ten bloggers that make my day. And so I shall. I’m sorry if I send this to you and you’ve already gotten it… I kind of don’t have time to check everyone’s sites!

A Bumpy Ride who just found out that she and DH are dealing with MFI.

Babies Everywhere… who just got back from a vacation in Mexico with her mom and sister.

Delinquent Eggs who is just about to leave for a vacation in Mexico.

Enjoying the Small Things who recently welcomed her second daughter… a very special little girl indeed (she also takes the most AMAZING pictures).

Late for a Very Important Pregnancy who is dealing with the flu and a BFN.

Mission Motherhood who is TTC again after a miscarriage not long ago.

Of Cabbages and Kings who is pregnant thanks to her 3rd IVF.

The Pitter Patter who is pregnant with her long awaited sticky bean after a long, hard journey in the IF world.

We Got Hitched who is pregnant (with twins!) after three IVF losses last year. I’m so glad her new RE figured out what was causing her losses and made her dreams come true!

Womb for Improvement who is preparing herself for the possibility of her first IVF.

I hope you can stop by the wonderful blogs sometimes soon if you have the chance!

Thanks again Patiently Waiting! I really appreciate it!

BUENAS NOTICIAS – I got a massage today. My back has been hurting so bad and the massage hurt like hell, but it was a good hurt.

6 responses

  1. Thank you for the award!

    I do love reading your blog and your eloquent writing! I’ve been a bad reader and commenter lately..work has been taking all of my energy! hope it lightens up soon 🙂

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